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If you've overdosed on today's porno shots (not that you look anyway), try this site which harks back to a more innocent time before any of us were born. The cutely named is the web's first and largest collection of vintage, all-male photographs from the 1900s to the 1960s. (The straps were the pouches photographers had to use because of the legal issues in the states involving the mailing of male frontal nudity.) This is the rare stuff, the studio beefcake pics of nude musclemen, naked romps in the watering hole, rare gay erotica from the days doctors thought being gay was some sort of mental disease! These are the pics found in the back closets and attics of those family members who somehow never married!

They come from the days when gay mags had to pretend they were all about body and muscle-building and had names like Physique Pictorial and Physical Culture.  OK so the site is American, but you may well have seen those old Athletic Model Guild films on video, or seen that Beefcake film shown at the Gay Film Festival last year, and want to see more...posing strap permitting.


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