Under the Waterfall

by Ty Dude

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

My eyes followed the bead of sweat as it made its way from his drenched hair and travelled all the way down his face and chest. Tyler was bench pressing his highest attempt yet. I spotted my friend as his biceps flexed and contracted under the massive weight. The highlight of our workout sessions was when I got to spot my best friend. He always liked to push the edge and add more and more weight. By the time he was half way through his reps his body would be drenched in a glistening sweat. His short black hair and sideburns would bead with sweat that would soon enough cover his impressive chest and stomach.

Tyler was my object of affection for three years now. We had become best friends after playing together on the junior basketball team. Three years later we were the best of buds and in our senior year. We practically owned the school workout room. Some young guys worked out for an hour, but Ty and I spent almost every day there for two hours. It definitely showed. As members of the wrestling, baseball, and basketball teams we needed to be buff athletes. Ty was the most modest guy at school even though he was undeniably the hottest. Aside from the tanned skin, well defined 6 pack and abs, his smile was what made girls melt. He had the cutest blue eyes that complemented his pearly white teeth.

According to my friends, I was considered just as "Adonis like" as my best friend. I guess my looks were more of the "boy next door" variety. I had brown hair and green eyes. I too had a cute smile and similar body structure. Ty and I were known around school as the all American type. We played sports, got good grades, dated girls and generally stayed out of trouble. The bond that formed between Ty and me over those three years was unlike anything I had ever experienced. We laughed together and even cried together through tough times. The relationship embodied everything a best friendship should. I had yearned to tell him for over two years that I was gay and had deep feelings for him, but could never bring myself to say it out loud.

"Nathan man! Hello, aren't you paying attention? I almost dropped the damn thing!" Ty exclaimed as he set the weights down. I had drifted off and had been pondering our relationship as I had a tendency to do.

"Sorry man, just thinking about how killer this weekend is gunna be!" I quickly covered with my excuse and started to pack up. It was Friday and Ty and I were driving up to my Aunt's cottage for the weekend. She had recently bought it and offered to let me have it for a getaway. Ty and I were really stoked to finally go check it out. As we got our stuff together I watched Ty as he guzzled down a bottle of water. He didn't see me staring but I watched as his Adam's apple contracted and the water moved down his throat. His body still shone from the workout and his abs were as good as I had ever seen them. For 18 year olds we had the bodies of college kids. Both he and I sported hot little treasure trails that traveled all the way down. It was my favorite feature on Ty. We quickly showered up and got dressed. The lousiest feature in our school was the single stall showers that forced us to shower separately. Of course I had seen Ty completely naked, but it had only been fleeting glances here and there. I could only imagine what his hard cock would look like at full attention.

We hopped in the car and drove the full three hours to the cottage. It was unlike anything I had ever imagined. The place was totally deserted for 10 miles. At first I was pissed that it was completely in the middle of nowhere but quickly began to realize the possibilities. Ty and I often talked about sex but I never got any hints that he was interested in me at all. That realization had been tough to accept. There had been a few times when we had maintained incredible eye contact, but nothing ever emerged from that. After throwing our stuff in the massive house and examining the inside, we decided to take some beers and look for a place to chill and drink as the sun went down.

We wandered into the forest for about 15 minutes and finally came to the most wonderful clearing. I stopped dead in my tracks as I looked upon a waterfall that cascaded into a fairly large pond. The water traveled off into an unknown direction. The clearing was heavily guarded by trees and the waterfall looked like something out of a painting. We wandered to a formation of rocks near the waterfall and began to drink the beers we had brought. There was nowhere else I could rather have been that night. It was 7 o'clock and the sun was slowly beginning to set. Ty and I talked about life and how we would be going away to college after next summer. We both began chatting about our depressing love lives and how it seemed we were both destined to be girl friend less for the upcoming summer. "I guess I don't mind it too much" he said. "Chicks are way too complicated and always expect way too much. I'd rather hang out with you than any whiny chick. You have my vote any day." He flashed me those pearly whites and stared into my eyes. This was no ordinary comment he just made. This was a point he wanted me to take note of. My cock stirred as I grasped at the faint hope of what he might be saying. Before I would muster a suitable response he got up from the rock and stared at the waterfall. "Wanna go swimming?" he asked.

"I left my swimsuit back in the house." I said, knowing that would be no problem.

"Good, it's more fun that way!" he replied. Before I could feign any sort of protest he whipped off his khaki shorts and button up shirt. He was reduced to some CK boxer briefs and a stark white wife beater that contrasted his tanned skin to perfection. I watched as he walked directly into the waterfall. He paused directly under the water and let it fall over him. My mouth dropped as I watched this young God bathe himself in nature's waterfall. He ran his muscular hands through his short black hair and smiled under the water. "What are you waiting for Nat? It's nice and warm." I stripped down to my boxers and quickly joined him. It was no use trying to hide my excitement. My 8 inches of thick hard man meat was at full attention in my boxers. I was hoping the water would dissipate my obvious hardon.

As I walked closer my Adonis came more readily into view. The white boxer briefs and wife beater clung to his wet body. He was completely drenched from head to toe and the white clothing was see through. I saw the dark nickel sized nipples through his undershirt. They were protruding very obviously. His defined abs and muscular V were even evident through the shirt. As nice as his body was, I was transfixed by his crotch. I could see his package clearly defined through the soaking boxer briefs and his dark pubes framed the cock nicely. I was momentarily disappointed as I realized he wasn't hard at all.

I made my way to the waterfall and joined my friend. He turned around to look at me and obviously saw the tent in my boxers. He didn't utter one word, but got a grin on his face. He turned around to bathe himself some more and I was once again transfixed by his body. His ass looked so sexy in the wet boxer briefs. I was dying to reach out and touch it, but would not risk the eventually rejection I had assumed would accompany a move like that. After making small talk and enjoying the scenery, he turned back around to me and stared into my eyes. I was totally shocked to see that he too was sporting a hardon. Not only was he hard, but it was peeking out the top of his briefs. He didn't even say one word to me. He came over and placed his hands around my waist. Our eyes never moved from one another. He slowly moved his lips towards mine and rested them there. I closed my eyes and felt like life was complete. I never wanted the moment to end.

The gentle kiss turned quickly into a passionate frenzy. I opened my mouth and he buried his tongue deep inside of me. Our breathing increased through our noses as our tongues explored each other for the first time. His tongue ran all along my teeth and so far down my throat I could taste his sweet mouthwash. As we fucked each others mouths, his hand grabbed each one of my ass cheeks really hard. I moaned as his hands wrapped around me and he pull my legs around his frame. He was holding me close to him as my body pressed up against his glistening wet clothes. The waterfall was lapping water on us as our firm bodies pressed up against one another. He put me down and I ran my hands over his perfect globes. He took my ear into his mouth and licked the full length of it. "I've always wanted to do this to you," he whispered. I was in complete heaven.

He pushed me away from the waterfall and up hard against a rock wall. He tore my boxers off my body and exposed my aching cock. I too ripped his wife beater down the center and tore it off his wet frame. His boxer briefs were removed and Ty was all mine. Our hands moved up and down each others bodies. I gripped onto his hard shaft and felt the throbbing dick in my hand. He closed his eyes and put his head back. My hand roamed up and down his chest. I gripped onto his huge biceps and ran my fingers back and forth along his pecs. I turned him and pushed him up against the wall.

I started licking his neck and moved myself slowly down his 6 foot body. I paused to smell the inside of his masculine armpit and lick the delicious hair. His hard nipples felt so warm in my mouth. I lightly nibbled on them and swirled by tongue around. I wish I could have spent hours on his nipples, but I had juicier parts to attend to. I ran my tongue further down his abs and felt the protruding 6 pack. Tyler moaned each time I started to tongue something new. I figured this was a dream come true for him also. His treasure trail was the Holy Grail. I moved my tongue from the top to bottom each time slurping the hairs into my mouth.

The prize waiting for me was unlike anything I could have imagined. A nicely trimmed bush framed the 8 inch cock which was dripping with precum. I looked up into Ty's eyes and he smile at me. I started at the base of his shaft by licking each ball once over. I stuck his hairy sac into my mouth and pulled it away from his frame. The low hanging balls filled my mouth to the brim. Feeling Ty squirm beneath me made me even harder. I took the base of the shaft in my hand and start to gorge on his cock. First I tongued around the head real slow. The hard mushroom head arched inside my mouth and expanded as I sucked down deep. "Fuck," Ty moaned. I licked from the hairy ball sac to the piss slit. I quickly started to take the cock deeper inside my mouth. I bobbed up and down while my one hand ran over Ty's killer 6 pac. Without warning, Ty took my head in both his hands and started fucking my mouth. He lifted his leg onto a nearby rock and really started to pound my face. His low hanging balls were slapping my chin as I deep throated his throbbing rod. I stared up into his eyes and could see he was getting immense pleasure. I could feel his cock head swell as the cum reached its target. He held my mouth deep onto his tool and I breathed in the smell of his manly scent. His hot cum hit the back of my throat and I guzzled it down. I had been waiting forever to taste Ty's incredible boy juice. As a licked him clean, he lifted me to his face. After staring into my eyes, he kissed me deep and licked some cum clean off my chin.

Ty was getting ready to go down on me, but I was too quick. I grabbed his shoulders and pinned him against the rock wall. I squeezed his ass with my big solid hands and spread the bubble butt cheeks. I started to ease my fingers into his tight virgin hole as he moaned with pleasure. I was gentle and rough at the same time. My body rubbed up against him as I primed his hole for my eventual entry. My cock throbbed knowing of the deep dark depths of pleasure it would soon experience. I placed my hands on his hips and eased my cock into his ass. By the grimace on his face I could see it was painful. I eased my full 8 inch tool all the way in and let his tight ass adjust. His cavern felt so hot and deep that I was electric with excitement. I slowly moved my dick inside and out as his complaints of pain changed to moans of pleasure. I started to wildly buck my hips as I fucked his sweet little ass. My hands roamed all over his buff body and I licked his neck and ears. My cock roared with pleasure as it ripped through the tight hole. My ass contracted each time I thrust forward. I could feel him clenching his cheeks onto my rock hard tool. As I felt the cum boil over inside his hole I pushed my cock deep inside him. I roared as I filled his hole with my boy jizz. For the longest time I held my cock inside as I kissed his neck.

I slowly removed my flaccid cock from his body. He grabbed my hand and led me into the waterfall. We cleaned each other down and emerged from the water exhausted and satisfied. We laid on the rock as the sun set and held hands. He reached over my naked body and gave me one final kiss. My first experience with a guy couldn't have been any sweeter. That was the beginning of quite the memorable weekend with my friend Ty.

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