My Soldier Boy

by Guy Libra

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

I had recently qualified as a Staff Nurse in the Medical Corps and volunteered to do Border duty. I did not really know what I was letting myself into, I was pissed off with the hospital routine and wanted to get away from the city.

I packed my bags and off I flew to this unknown area. Sure I had heard stories, but thought these very usually army guy tales.

I got to know the guys fairly quickly, some better than the others, some that I wanted to get to know. I used to eye these guys out and wonder what they would look like without there clothes, yet a guy in uniform and especially fatigues got me hard, especially those bulges.

In was about my third month and I was not really into watching videos as most of them I has seen. After a visit to the pub after knock off time I would either play cards with some of the guys or just sit around talking shit like most soldier boys far from home.

Today I was missing my ex boyfriend and was not really in the mood for any of the usual gang. I decide to go off to my room, yes, I had a room to my self as I was in the permanent force - it was one of the privileges. The post had come that day and there was no mail for me. I was feeling like shit. Stripped down to my shorts and T-shirt and headed for the showers, hoping that there would be hot water for a change. I turned the water on and relaxed while the water soothed my body. I tried not to think about those showers that Brian and I used to enjoy back home. I dried off and headed back to my room. There were always a few empty rooms with guys coming and going all the time. As I passed one of these rooms I noticed him lying there on his sleeping bag. The room was in darkness and only the light of the passage shone in on his half naked body. Thought I should offer him some coffee, but decided against it. He looked up as I walked past, and saw that young strong face.

I sorted my uniform out for tomorrow and lay on my bed with a book. It was about 20 minutes later when a knock on my door brought me back to reality.

"Come in", I answered. The door opened and there he was, the young tanned soldier boy from the room. He had a issue vest and black shorts on. I just admired the broad shoulders that tapered down in a V to a nice waist. He asked very politely:

"Do you have some writing paper for me, I flew up today and haven't unpacked as I'm moving out in the next day or two".

"Sure its in the box on my desk", I replied, pointing to where it was. He opened the box and browsed through, "Don't you have any plain paper, these look very special".

"Help yourself, it's all I have".

"Thanks man", she will be impressed he said, giving me an incredible smile, which almost gave me an instant boner.

All the time I watched this guy move, the way his finely muscled body moved, that amazing tanned body. You no doubt have gathered that I get turned on by tanned guys, that olive skin. I couldn't help but wonder the size of his tan line. He had an amazing bubble butt. Why do they always have to be straight. Out he went, thanking me again and give me another smile. I lay there listening to his footsteps get fainter as he walked down the passage.

I decide that I must read again and would think of him later when I wanked myself off to sleep. Was I imagining it but the footsteps were getting loader. A faint knock on the door and the door opened. It was him. No don't do this to me, surely he is going to see what was happening in my shorts.

"Can I ask a big favour?"

Anything you ask I will give you went through my mind in a flash.

"What is it", I asked.

"Well that room doesn't have a light and the passage light is a bit dull, would you mind very much if I sit at your desk to write my letter?"

"No be my guest". Thinking isn't that what Corporals should do for a Rifleman.

"Sorry, my name is Johan".

"Cliff", I replied.

He then sat at the desk and stated writing. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye, not really reading at all.

"Would you like some coffee", I asked.

"Yes, that would be nice".

I got up and put the kettle on, aware that he was watching my every move.

"Would you like some Bourbon in your coffee, Johan".

"What's that".

"Its like whisky".

"Never had some, but I give it a try, always willing to try things once".

What was he saying, or was I just getting my hopes up, had he noticed the way that I was looking at him. With a smile and body like this I am sure it's not only women that size him up.

I put his coffee down next to him, and he leaned back in the chair. Don't do that boy, or I will suck that nipple that is peeking out of your vest.

"How long have you been up here?" he asked.

"Its my third month".

"Do you miss home?".

"Not really, I wanted the break".

So we chatted for a while about every day things and life up here.

Then came the question: "Do you have a girlfriend back home?"

"No", I replied. "A boyfriend?".

Was I hallucinating, or was this boy asking me if I had a boyfriend.

"No", was my reply.

"So you not involved then?"

"Not at present".

"Think I must finish the letter". He wrote very slowly I observed. Staring into space and every now and then looking in my direction and staring at the posters on my walls. One was a poster of 'Rockshot' cards. I needed a piss and excused myself, hoping that he would come with me to the john, but also needing to get out of my own room.

When I got back he folded up the letter and put it into the envelope.

"How long do you think that you will be staying up here", Johan asked.

"Not sure, will have to see how things go", was my reply.

Changing the subject and trying to get the subject away from me. I offered him some more coffee.

"Sure, with some more of that stuff in, maybe a double this time".

"Seems you liked it".

"As I said I usually try things once".

I made us coffee and gave him a double.

"That guy has an amazing build", he said indicating the poster.


"Do you think I'm also well built".

"Yes, you have a typical athletes build, do you work out in the gym?"

"No, played rugby and did athletics at school. Do you have a camera?"

"Yes", what is this boy up to???

"I want you to take some pictures of me".

"Think my spool is almost full though".

"Don't matter".

I got up and took the camera out the cupboard. "Only got two left".

Johan got up and took off his vest and sat on the cabinet under the poster. Oh no, this hairless chest with just a thin line of pubic showing over the shorts. I took the two while he posed.

"Thats it, spool finished".

"Just keep clicking".

What is he doing? Off came the shorts. There was no tan line. He turned and removed his jock - that bubble butt staring at me. I wanted to reach out and grip those lovely firm cheeks.

Johan turned and in full view was his semi-erect manhood. He was a typical Africana boy, uncut and about seven inches. What would it be when erect? I put the camera down and stared at him.

"Think we both want the same thing" he said.

Was I hearing him correctly. Had he just offered me sex?

This can't be. "Why don't you get rid of those clothes?"

"Sure", came my reply, "but I think we must lock the door".

He locked the door and walked towards me looking down at my cock getting bigger.

He put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I loved the smell, the smell of youth. I felt that cock rubbing against my own stiff uncircumcised cock. He gently pushed me down on the bed. He started rubbing and humping his hips. This was just too much for me.

This jock was on top of me, I rubbed that beautiful skin, my hands up and down his back. I tried to nibble his ear but he moved his head. I could feel his strength and gave in totally to my soldier boy. "Hope you got some lube?".

"Yeah, it's in the cupboard". He got off and opened the cupboard and quickly found it. Climbing back on the bed and taking up his position between my legs. Johan squeezed some onto his cock before I could take that lovely 7 incher into my mouth.

This soldier boy was just too randy to want foreplay. I put a pillow under my butt and bent my legs up to my chest. He squirted lube onto my man cunt and I could feel his head pushing at my love door. He held the pressure up and my arse opened allowing the head in. He knelt like that for a few seconds and slowly moved all 7 inches into me, I could feel him moving inch by inch deeper in me - it was so fulfilling. My first fuck in 3 months and I could still take his nice thick and long cock with ease.

This soldier boy must have done this before, I was not sure if previously with a guy, they say some bitches like their men fucking them in the ass.

Johan started moving slowly in and out, just keeping his head in and pushing all the way in till I could feel his sack hitting my butt. He lay down on top on me and the slow gently rhythm started getting faster.

"Fuck me harder".

Thats was all he needed and obliged, he started ramming my butt, this was incredible. I love raw rough sex like this now and again, especially with bi guys.

He continued this for a few minutes and slowed down again, gently pulling out almost all of those 7 inches and then ramming it all the way in again. My prostate was working overtime. How much longer would he be keeping this ass pounding up?

He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes: "You like this, don't you?"

"For sure man". I moved to meet his lips, "No I don't kiss guys, I just fuck them".

So what, I thought, I am so randy and this soldier boy knows how to please a bottom like me.

He started to thump my ass again and this time there was no mercy. I just lay back and let this soldier boy have his pleasure with me. It wasn't long when I felt his body tense up, the telltale sign of orgasm. Johan let out a sigh and I could feel the volcano erupting in deep in my man cunt. It just seem to keep cumming and cumming. He pulled me tighter and just lay there. I ran my hands up and down his back and could feel his muscles relax, he stayed in me like that for awhile and then pulled his now limp manhood out.

"Thanks mate". Don't know who should be thanking who here, but I won't forget this soldier boy.

"Why don't you go and fetch your stuff and come and sleep here?"

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