Skinny Dipping Voyeur

by Mark Leygos

...He needs to be taught a lesson. what do you think the punishment should be?...

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I had always wanted to visit a ruined plantation near where I lived which was called Mt. Ida. It was in fact named after one of the sites at which Zeus abducted Ganymede to be his boy toy. It was about ten miles north of us and had small family cemetery adjacent which had burned down twenty years earlier. I started making solitary bicycle trips to the place and on the way home I would explore the country roads that lay off the main highway. They were all paved but some were so little traveled they were scarcely two lanes. My favorite had an old wooden bridge across a nice size tree-lined creek. I would take this little trek maybe once every month or two.

When I was crossing the wood bridge I heard splashing and the whooping and hollering of guys at a swimming hole. I was intrigued by the noise. I got off my bike and hid it in the trees on the south side of the road, then quietly made my way upstream toward the noise. There were six guys in their teens splashing around in pool formed by a widening of the stream. There were several large oak trees around the pool. I peered out from behind the nearest one. As I watched one of the bigger guys got out to swing on an over hanging rope. He was naked as a jay-bird. They all were! I had always looked at guys on the sly in the showers after gym but was always worried about being caught. I had played around with a few fuck buddies growing up but they weren't guys I lusted after. They were just convenient.

These skinny dippers were the embodiments of my fantasies. The rope swinger was at least six feet tall, with shaggy light brown hair. You could teach anatomy with the musculature of his smooth body. His brawny legs were lightly haired and only a thin line of hair ran from his defined chest to his lusciously full pubic hair. His hairy crotch sported a ropy six inch limp cock, even though he had just stepped from the ball tightening chill of the water. Heightening my interest was the fact that the head of his cock was barely peeking out of his ample foreskin. I had never seen an uncut cock. I wanted to feel it, play with it, and investigate its intricacies. Just thinking about it had caused my average size cock to stiffen up. As he dropped off the rope in a cannonball he splashed one of the other older boys.

"Fuck you, Zach!" shouted the other guy as he jumped on the miscreant. This kid was taller, at least six foot three, but lankier than the one called Zach. He had straw colored hair and a lightly freckled face. They wrestled around trying to dunk each other. The other guys gathered around in the shadows urging them on. Shouts of "Get him Tom!" "Take him down Zack!" rang through the small hollow. Soon Zack's greater brawn won out and Tom gave in. "I give, you big ox!" he laughingly cried, trying to catch his breath. The boys pulled themselves to the bank opposite me to rest on the sand. For the first time I caught sight of Tom's pecker. It looked to be as big soft as my own hard dick. The way it arced our from his body I was fairly sure he wasn't fully soft himself. Zack's dick too didn't seem quite as limp as before. The girth seemed greater and more of the head was uncovered. I was on fire now I reached down to rub my crotch.

As they sat down Zach looked my way. I ducked behind the tree terrified I had been discovered. When I got up the nerve to peek back around. Tom and Zach were talking quietly while the other boys continued to horse around. I began to look at the others too. One of the guys had coal black hair, and overly prominent forehead topping a long angular face. The others called him Lurch. When he came out of the water I did a lurch myself. Brown from the sun his uncut cock was centered in the ivory whiteness caused by wearing short cut-offs. It was easily eight inches long soft and big around as a ten ounce coke bottle. I couldn't believe a dick could be that big. Another of the guys, whom they called Hal, had brown hair that fell to his shoulders. He was the typical southern rock clone my teens but made me think of Prince Valiant. His body was nearly hairless except for his bushy crotch. His smooth, sharply defined muscles further enhanced his statuesque appearance. His clipped cock seemed only slightly bigger than my own. He had a golden all over tan which fascinated me.

The smallest had thick wavy brown hair that hung about to his ear lobes and was streaked golden by the sun. He was the cutest of the group. He had a beautiful complexion, a smooth swimmers body, and shapely legs that would have made most girls cry with frustration. I'm not saying he looked effeminate but his arresting beauty did have a girlish quality to it. His cut cock seemed smaller than the rest but not so small as to be unworthy of notice. They called him Tart. Tracy was the name of the last of the six. He had thick dirty blond hair and was only spared from being cutely blasť by a stubby pug nose that I immediately found adorable. He had a lithe, lean, all-American-boy body. He was the most animated in the group and definitely the biggest cut up. His clipped cock, though not as big as Lurch or Zack was a nice limber four to five inches.

I don't know how long I sat there rubbing my crotch as I watched them cavort and splash in the secluded pool. I was brought to my senses when I heard Tracy call out.

"Where you guys goin'?" he asked Tom and Zack. They had crossed the stream without my notice and were pulling on their cut-offs and tennis shoes.

"We got to head back home and get some chores done." Zack answered.

"I thought you said you were done for the day." Tart said.

"Zack remembered something and I offered to help him finish it." Tom replied.

I was sad to lose sight of their yummy farm-boy flesh but it wasn't like they all left. As I continued my spying I started to notice that Tracy directed most of his attentions to Tart. I saw him rest his hand on Tart's knee and then run it half way up the inside of Tart's thigh. Tart didn't seem to mind in fact he acted grateful. My thoughts were really getting away with me and I undid my shorts and let them fall to my ankles. I pushed the waistband of my briefs under my balls freeing my rigid bouncing dick. I raised my hand to my mouth to wet it when I my legs were knocked out from under me. I hit the ground with a thud as a heavy weight landed on my back knocking the breath from my body. As I tried to catch my breath I heard Tom behind me yell out, "Hey guys we caught some little cocksucker spying on us."

I couldn't have gotten away on my best day but gasping for air and with my shorts around my ankles, I might as well have been bound. In seconds my arms were pulled roughly behind my back. The heavy weight of Zach's body was smashing my tender pink bits into the prickly carpet of twigs and weeds. In my ear Zack whispered, "Yeah, I saw your queer butt over here watching us. I saw you rubbing your hard little weenie. We ought to beat you to a pulp you little fairy."

I started trying to whimper apologies but pulled my arms back further. I thought they were going to come out of the socket. I was terrified and fighting back tears when the rest of the group strolled up.

Tom spoke up. "Zach saw this little faggot spying on us so we decided to sneak up on him."

Tracy asked, "What are we going to do to him? He needs to be taught a lesson."

Maintaining a firm grip on my arms Zack got off me and jerked me to my knees. I dropped my eyes as my now shriveled peter was exposed to view. "Hell yeah! He needs to be taught a lesson. He was about to start beating off when I tackled him." He released one arm and grasped a handful of my hair jerking my head back so I was looking up into his eyes. "Hey guy, what do you think your punishment should be?" His dark eyes derided me. "Should we pound you? Tie you up and horse whip you? Drown you? Speak up!"

Tears were welling up in my eyes from the pain, the embarrassment, and the fear. "Please just let me go." I said with my lip quivering. "I promise not to do it again."

"I'm going to make sure of that." Zack said.

He released my hair and my head dropped forward. The other boys, still nude, were grouped around in front of me. Tracy was the first to come to my attention. He had a smug grin on his face. As I panned down his body I noticed his cock was half hard. His voice snapped my attention back to his face.

"You like stud cock, boy?" He leered at me. "You like my cock?" He looked down. My eyes followed his to find his swelling member in his hand. He gave it a pull. "Sure you do."

I wanted to deny it but considered the way I had been discovered I didn't see a lot of point. I cast my eyes around to the others. Tart, his five and a half incher pointing skyward, seemed to be torn between my predicament and ever growing pole of Tracy's. Hal was stroking his stiffening rod which had a strong curve to the left and Lurch seemed to be growing a tree trunk. Every beat of his heart seemed to pulse and expand his timber; higher and higher it rose. It was already nine inches and he hadn't even touched it. In my growing excitement I had forgotten my fears and my own dick was swelling. The reality of my situation was quickly brought back home by another hair jerk bringing my eyes back to Zach's leering face.

"You come up with a punishment yet, faggot?"

"No sir," I croaked.

"Well I guess I have to then. My buds seem to have some problems popping up. You do exactly what we tell you without complaint or hesitation and we won't pound you. Understand?" I nodded yes.

"Okay, I'm going to let you go. If you try to run we'll make you wish you were dead." He released his grip. My aching arms dropped to my side. As Zack moved around in front of me I felt Tom at my behind me place his hands on my shoulders. While Zack dropped his shorts he told the others, "Me and Tom caught him, we go first." Freed from confinement his hard staff jutted stiffly in front of him. It stood about ten degrees short of horizontal due to its weight with a downward curve at the last two inches. A thick cum tube ran down the underside. He flexed it a few times to make sure he had my full attention. His bulbous head was unsheathed except for the rolled flare that stood broadly out from the thick veiny shaft. It must have been two ad a half inches across. His skin was stretched tight like a sweater that is too small being pulled over someone's head. He took his fingers and pulled back until the head slipped free then pulled it back down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom's seven and a half inches protrude over my shoulder.

"Okay," Zack said, "it's time for your punishment. Open wide and I don't want to feel any teeth." I did as he instructed. He shoved his dick into my mouth. I grabbed his dick with my hands to try to establish some control but he took my left hand and wrapped it around Tom's pole and my right hand around Lurch's massive member. "Stroke 'em," he ordered then he held my head firmly in his hands while he steadily ground his thick cock into my bulging throat. He pushed in deep and held it there.

First I thought I would gag but then I realized I couldn't breath. Just as I thought my lungs would pop he pulled out. As I took a big gasp of breath he commanded, "Suck on the head." I enclosed his shaft with my lips and sucked deeply on his plum-sized head. I ran my tongue around the tip and then slid it into the juicy embrace of his luscious turtle neck which was fresh and clean from his swim. Then he grabbed the back of my head and buried my nose in the hair at the base of his cock and his cock into the tortured depths of my throat All the time he was encouraging me and stroking the back of my head. "That's a good cocksucker." "Take my fat cock." Before long he had picked up his pace and was pumping six inches in and six inches out like a piston.

Tracy had moved around to get a better view. He was behind Tart's right side and peering over his shoulder. "Go Zack, fuck his face," he said as he stroked his hard cock which was right at Tart's right hip. Tart was fisting his rigid prick in his left hand.

Tom's big dick was leaking a steady stream of precum. "Hey man, I want a turn." Tom said freeing his pole from my gooey hands.

"Sorry man, I didn't mean to be greedy." Zack said as he pulled his thick staff from my face with a loud sucking pop.

Tom turned me to the side and I engulfed him to his pubes. He moaned and shuddered, "Oh, God." His knees nearly buckled with the pleasure. His hands were kneading my shoulders. I still had Lurch's yard arm in my right hand but my left arm I wrapped around Tom and pulled him to me. My throat had already been reamed out by Zach so Tom's big cock was a snap. I was into it now and took charge. Since I had shifted position I had a better view of Tart and Tracy. As I started gobbling on Tom like a hungry man I saw Tracy reach for Tart's right hand and guide it to Tracy's stiff dick. Tart jerked away at the initial contact but when Tracy took his hand again he gingerly took the cock in his hand. He did a few exploratory strokes but became visibly more comfortable when put his hands on Tart's shoulders who looked down with wonder at the stiff jock dick in his hand.

This sight brought back to my attention the monster I had in my own right hand. It was like a big hard sausage. It was so heavy that when unhanded it pointed to the ground. It was thickest behind the head down to the middle length. It was so thick that my hand wouldn't close around it, even around the base which tapered down. The velvety foreskin covered all but the head even when erect. It was larger than I had even imagined. It was a good half inch to an inch thicker than Zack's whopper. I was so turned on I went after Tom with a vengeance. Suddenly he grabbed my shoulders and thrust deep flooding my throat with his hot viscous cum. I gulped trying to keep up with his flow but his juice started dribbling out the corners of my mouth. His deflating cock slipped from my mouth as he plopped down on the ground.

Hands on my head turned me around to find Zach's big dick back in my face demanding entry. I opened wide and he thrust back in to the hilt. He slid down my gullet smoothly due to the lubrication from Tom's cum. When he hit bottom he flexed his muscle stretching out my throat even more I thought he was going to split it open.

Hal moved up close and said, "When are the rest of us getting a turn?"

"Get him out of his jockeys off and lay down on the ground, you're next." Zach said. "I'm just getting my cock good and slick."

While Zach firmly held my head in Hal pulled my underwear down to my knees. Hal lay down on the ground. Zach pulled out and slipped my shorts and briefs over my shoes. He guided me down on my hands and knees in front of Hal. He put his open palm in my face. "Spit out a big cummy hocker in my hand, kid, then make Hal happy" he ordered. I spit in his hand and turned my attention to the beautiful farm boy beneath me. I extended my tongue and lapped at his lightly furred balls. As I lowered my lips to his tightly pulled sack spread my knees and knelt behind me. I liked getting fucked. It was usually what I fantasized about. I even fantasized about the pain but I had never been fucked much bigger than my own dick and that was very infrequent. I turned around and told Zack to take it easy. "Shut up and get your lips back on that boys dick," Zack said gruffly as he spread my trench apart and spread the goo in his hand on my hole. He popped my butt with a stinging slap for emphasis. I winced as he pushed a barely wet finger in up to the knuckle.

As I lowered my face back down to Hal's tempting crotch Zack placed his broad head at my soft bum hole and pushed. No dice it was just too big. He spit on his hand and slicked up his big pole again and lined it back up with my back door. He pushed and I felt my tense ring widen. My mind flashed on this image with his cock as a crow bar and my bum as a stuck door. Not satisfied with this little bit of progress. Zack barked, "Come on, open up and relax." He accompanied this with another slap of my ass. This surprised me so much I did relax and he buried his head in the outer ring of my sphincter.

I yelped in agony and tried to squirm away but Zack grabbed me around the waist and would not be unseated. The crow bar image was now much less ridiculous as I felt my butt hinges torn asunder. The tender lips of my ass were seared with the cruel unrelenting passage. It felt like he was driving one of the columns of that damned plantation up my butt. I was sure he ripping me to pieces. The more I struggled to get free the further he slid in. He gave a brutal shove and suddenly his cudgel popped through the inner ring. I nearly passed out!

As I opened my mouth to scream Hal forced my head down on his straining six inch dick. "Suck me," he said with a horny huskiness in his voice. I took him to the root with no trouble, I was too concerned with the vicious impalement my rectum was receiving. Mindlessly I slurped like a calf on a teat as he groaned with satisfaction.

Zach's pitiless thrusting was making little headway. With a disgusted grunt he yanked his engorged head from my butt. I reached back to finger my gaping hole, I was sure the violent withdrawal of his fat flared head had pulled my guts out with it. I was relieved to discover my gaping entry was still intact. I couldn't believe I had survived my goring and glad he had cum so fast but felt somewhat vacant and incomplete and was ready for the next up to bat as long as it wasn't Lurch. (None of my previous encounters with fuck buddies had lasted longer than a minute or so.)

I pulled off Hal and looked back at Zach. Tracy and Tart stood at his side. Spit was drooling from their mouth onto the engorged knob he was lovingly polishing. "I didn't even feel you cum," I stated.

They guffawed among themselves. Zach mistook me fingering my hole as masturbation. He popped my bare cheek again and asked, "You miss me already? Well we can fix that."

"I thought you were going to kill me." I replied as I bent back down to Hal and waited for one of the other two to take their turn. As I reapplied my mouth to the nice stiffy before me I felt spit dribble into my spread cleft and a hand gently slick me up. I sensed my next driver take his place. As I waited for the pressure at the entrance to my channel I thought at least it's not Zach. This thought was abruptly ended as I was savagely stabbed by a thick pole drippy wet with spit. I had not had time to prepare myself. The hard prong speared though the opening and burrowed deeply into my tortured chute. Every fold in my channel distended and smoothed out before the unyielding assault of his battering ram. I realized through the haze of pain that there were tears streaming down my face. My dick shrank down to a nub. I looked back over my shoulder to see Zach's twisted smile.

"You didn't feel me cum because I haven't yet. I don't want this over that soon. You're tight little boy pussy feels too good for a quickie." He flexed his stalk to make his point. I pleaded with him to quit.

"Shut up bitch and take it. You've still got six inches to go. You're going to beg for more before I'm done." He pulled back to the collar. My clenched anal ring clasped at the projection of his prominent head. He bent over and whispered in my ear, "You're know you want this. You're going to come back for more." Then he thrust in even deeper taking my breath away. "Now you have four inches to go."

I was raggedly panting trying to accommodate the invader when he began to gently rub his cock in and out just a half inch or so. His throbbing cock was rubbing something in my guts that had my withered cock reviving. His knob's massage of a tender spot was ripping through me. In a few moments my cock was straining and dripping with pre-cum. Every few minutes he would slip me a little more of his shaft. It still hurt like hell but I was getting used to it. I was starting to like it. I started thrusting back to take more. I was reveling in the pain and gave a loud shuddering moan when his pubes ground up against my crack. I heard Zach chuckle and murmur, "Yeah, you're gonna love this. Now get your mouth back on Hal's dick and give him something to love."

I started giving Hal's prick a tongue bath causing it to swell and jerk under me. I licked my way up down and around the shaft finishing back up at the crown to find a stick gob of clear salty nectar. I lapped it up and slurped him into my mouth. He slid across my tongue to the back of my throat.

"Oh god! That's so soft and wet," Hal said.

Zach slowly pumped half way in and out of my butt several times. The fifth stroke he pulled completely out and rubbed his head up and down my crack. He lined back up and slammed into me and started pistoning like a jack hammer. My stretched rectum was being worn by his power fuck. My mind was flooded with lust. I wanted to be fucked to death. I moaned, flexing my gullet around Hal's turgid dick. The vibration of my soft palate must have been more than he could stand. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust into my maw with abandon. He shouted between his gritted teeth, "I'M CUMMING!" His juice sloshed around as I gulped trying to keep up. He was only just beginning to relax his hold on my head when Tracy proceeded to move him out from under me and take his place.

"Hal, quit hoggin' the cocksucker. It's my turn damn it!" He kneeled in front of me and with no preamble jut his bent fuck pole in my face, nearly putting my eye out. His long scimitar had a tan shaft that turned pale where he had been clipped. Though his girth was greater than mine his added length made it seem skinny. He reached down, pointed at my lips and thrust in. I had to open wide to keep his banana dick away from my teeth. I twisted my head to allow him access to my craw. He slid on back cutting off my wind then began fucking my face in a slow, smooth, deep rhythm. With his steady penetration of mouth and Zach's pile driving buttfuck I began to imagine myself as a Chinese finger trap.

Zach's pounding cock was becoming increasingly fierce but this still wasn't enough. He pulled himself up off his knees and squatted on the balls of his feet, fucking me the entire time he was repositioning. Once he had his weight balanced he started swing his body into me, pulling completely free of my sphincter then slamming back in to the hilt. He had been deep before but this was untouched territory. His balls were slapping against mine like slapping hands. The other guys were urging him on.

"Yeah Zach, hammer that little snoop's butt."

Zach's thrusting was punching and kneading my prostate. The thought of this stud savagely taking my tender rear end was all the stimulus I could take. My balls pulled tight and my untouched cock started jumping and squirting my seed on the ground. I wasn't even aware you could even cum without being touched.

"Holy shit!" I heard Tart say with awe in his voice. "You are fucking the cum out of him. God, he really likes it."

Each ropy spurt of ball juice caused frenzied convulsions to strangle Zach's steely spike. I heard a loudening gurgle rising from Zach's chest capped by a loud "YEAH!" "Take my load, you faggot." His pumping gradually lost its momentum and he leaned down to my ear. "Your butt is one hot little scum bag." He withdrew and rubbed his dick on my back. He got up and took a running dive into the swimming hole.

Tracy pulled his dick from my mouth and motioned to Tart. "Come here man, you got to try this." Tart got on his knees in front of me and Tracy took the boys prick and guided it to my lips. He rubbed Tart's oozing boy cock over my lips. This unexpected handling really turned me on and I licked the cockhead and sucked it in.

Tom wasted no time taking Zach's place. Since he was slightly smaller than Zach, his dick slid easily into my dripping chute. Tom laid into me like a man on a mission and it was only three minutes before his cum was mingling with Zach's and dripping down my legs. He too got off my back and ran for a dip to wash off.

Zach had already gotten out and was pulling on his clothes. "Hey, cocksucker, come here!"

I got off Tart and went over the hunky farm boy.

"What's your name?"


"Look, Mark, I know we were a little rough, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Tom and I have to get back and do some evenin' chores. We'll leave you in the care of our buds here. Be good to them." He looked around and yelled out, "Let's go Tom."

"My name is Zach Gregory. I have my own phone listing on Old Plank Road. Give me a call. You can spy on us anytime."

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