Gregg Homme

Gran Canarian Dreams

by Richard Marks

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

At last! I'd been waiting weeks for this holiday and it had finally arrived. I had heard so much about Gran Canaria and here I finally was, ready for a fortnight of sun, sand, sea and hopefully a bit of the other.

I was already sweating by the time I reached my apartments, each with a lounge downstairs and bedroom and bathroom upstairs leading on to a balcony.

After checking in, I made my way to my row of apartments, passing the pool on the way. There were plenty of people around, families and couples all making the most of the hot, sunny weather.

Then I saw what I was looking for - at the far side of the pool lay a bronzed adonis on his own. It was as if he had felt my gaze, slowly pushing himself up off his sun lounger. He walked to the pool and dived in.

My mind replayed his walk again - a slim, muscular body, pecs glistening with the sun oil he'd used, tapering down to a 32 inch waist. Black speedos hugged his hidden package, but the bulge was enough to stir my loins His thick thighs flexed as he walked pool-side.

I was awoken from my day dream by the splash of him hitting water and surfacing not more than 10 feet away. His blond spiky hair looked even cuter now that it was plastered to his head and his sparkling blue eyes lit up his face. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect man if I had tried. A smile and nod, then he turned and swam back to the far end of the pool.

Tearing myself away I went and found my room. After unpacking, I went and sat on my patio, savouring a cool drink. One of the Spanish maintenance men walked past, the opposite of my pool adonis, with dark wavy hair, but a sight none-the-less. He smiled at me as he walked past and I watched his tight buns fill his shorts as he walked down the path.

I turned in the direction that he had come from and walking towards me was my pool fantasy. I watched every muscle flex as he walked towards me - and then into the apartment next door! I couldn't believe it - he'd be sleeping on the other side of the wall to me. Actually no - he'd be closer than that if I had my way.

A few minutes later, he came back out - to my dismay a pair of bermudas covering the speedos and a vest covering his chest.

'Hi' he said, 'Looks like we are neighbours. I'm Danny'

'Hi! I'm Ricky' I replied, my mouth drying as I spoke.

'Are you here on your own?' he asked and when I replied that I was, he said 'So am I. I arrived earlier today and was going to explore tonight. How do you fancy joining me? Come round for a drink around 7 and we'll take it from there. Come in if I don't answer, I'll be upstairs on the balcony. I'm off to the beach now, but I'll see you later I hope'.

'Sure, see you later' I replied. I couldn't believe it - I'd been here less than an hour and I'd already met a hunk.

I stayed by the pool that afternoon to get the starting of a tan. There were no other single men around, so I kept myself to myself and waited for evening. I was still by the pool when Danny returned and I instantly begin to feel myself stir in my speedos.

I gave him 15 minutes, then pulled on my top and shorts and went round to the apartment.

I slowly opened the door and entered the room. There was no sign of Danny, so thinking that he would be on the balcony, I made my way upstairs.

I heard the sound of a shower being turned off, so I called out.

'Won't be a minute. Make yourself comfortable' I heard a familiar voice call out.

As I was making my way across the bedroom area to the balcony, I heard the bathroom door open. Turning, I heard myself gasp.

Danny was stood in the doorway, a small towel wrapped around his waist, barely covering his cock and balls. Water was running down his firm torso, pecs glistening with moisture.

'Hey, you finally made it' he said, a wry smile on his face. 'Thought I'd been stood up'.

'No way' I said, my eyes taking in this wonderful sight, scanning his body until they came to rest on the towel.

He must have been able to feel the heat and lust from my eyes as the towel slowly began to tent in front of me.

'I should be embarrassed' laughed Danny, 'but I can see you have the same problem.' I glanced down and saw the clear outline of my boner through my shorts.

I took one step forward, my hand reaching out for the top of the towel, slowly loosening its grip on his waist. It slid to the floor, his 7 inch shaft springing to attention as it did so. I grasped his hardness and pulled him towards me. As our bodies connected, his wet chest began to soak through my t-shirt. I raised my arms and Danny slid it off. Flesh against flesh, our lips met and as his parted, I slid in my tongue, tasting him for the first time.

My own hard on was raging by now and he pushed my shorts down, leaving cock against cock. I was already leaking pre-cum in anticipation and the sticky liquid bound us together even more.

I reached down, took both cocks in my hand and slowly began to rub them together. A slow moan came from Danny's mouth as I pushed him backwards towards the bed.

I fell on top of him, not wanting to let go, feeling his smooth chest against mine.

I slowly traced my tongue down his body. I reached a nipple and slowly licked around it and it hardened to the touch.

I continued downwards until I felt his soft pubes brush against my chin. I glanced up and could see that he was enjoying this as much as I was.

Leaving his cock for now, my tongue flicked on his ball sac and opening my mouth, I slowly sucked in one of his nuts until I had it fully covered. Rolling my tongue around it, I heard him groan with pleasure, so I opened my mouth further and took in the second one.

My hand worked my way down my own body and I gripped my cock. I was leaking all over the place, so as I continued to suck on his sack, I swung my body round so that he could taste my man juice.

My cock bobbed in front of his face and he leaned up to lick the helmet of my shaft. I shuddered in delight as his tongue probed the tip.

I released his balls and burrowed my face in his pubes and then slowly licked my way up his rod until I reached the top and slowly devoured his whole seven inches.

My own cock slid out of his mouth as he gasped in pleasure as I slowly worked my way up and down his throbbing tool. 'Oh man' he gasped as I increased intensity, until he cried, 'I'm going to shoot'.

I felt his cock tense and then pulse after pulse of his spunk shot down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but there was just too much and it began to leak out of the corners of my mouth.

Finally he stopped shooting, and with a mouthful of his warm fluids, I turned and planted a long kiss on his mouth. After the initial surprise of me passing back his liquid, he smiled and our tongues met, his white climax passing back and forth between us.

Finally he swallowed his cum and said, 'Well that has sorted me, but I've still got you to satisfy. I want you to fuck me!'

My own 7 inches jumped to attention with that invitation. I didn't need asking twice.

Danny then turned over, showing me his perfect ass and by raising is back slightly, I could see his ring pucker in anticipation.

He threw me a tube of lube and squeezed some on to my fingers. Resting one finger on the entrance to his tunnel, I slowly worked it into his ass, quickly followed by a second. I felt him open up in anticipation of something bigger.

I couldn't wait any longer, and having put on a condom and squirted more lube on my dick, I pushed it against his hole and slipped inside. We both moaned with pleasure and I felt him squeeze and grip my dick.

I slowly pulled out and slammed back in, my balls hitting his ass cheeks. He grunted with delight and I gradually increased the rhythm, in and out.

We moved in unison as I built up to my climax. I couldn't hold it in any longer and with a final moan, I shot my load into the depths of his body. I felt like I was cumming forever as I released a bigger load than ever before, before I collapsed on top of him, my dick still positioned firmly up his ass.

Danny leaned up and kissed me on the lips.

'Not bad!' he said, with a smile, 'but it's only day one of both our holidays - just think what we can achieve by the end of this fortnight!'

I licked my lips. 'I can't wait' I replied, as I worked my way down his body, to his already hardening tool, 'I can't wait'....

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