Gregg Homme

Reservoir Snogs

by Luke Harper

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

It was a beautiful spring day, crisp, warm and clear. I parked my car at the side of the road and headed off for an afternoon's stroll in the countryside. I knew that nearby there was a reservoir, as I had seen signs for it further up the road, so I headed that way.

As I walked I became aware of a noise behind me. I glanced back. Three lads, about 18, were cycling slowly along the road: one was wearing tight lycra cycling gear, the other two sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms.

They passed me and I looked at their arses. Beautifully framed, with the material of their trousers stretched across them - a delight to the eye.

I continued to enjoy this view as I walked along, since they were gaining on me only very slowly. One of them glanced back over his shoulder at me and I looked away quickly. I heard him mutter something to his friends and they began to cycle a bit faster until they disappeared out of sight. I decided they had probably decided to 'get away from that queer', and put them out of my mind.

Eventually I reached a sign pointing the reservoir and followed the path from there. It turned and bend and ended up in front of a gate, with another sign pointing towards a gap in a wall saying 'Reservoir footpath this way'. Standing astride their bikes by the gate were the three lads from earlier. I looked at them warily, but as I approached them they seemed to be ignoring me.

One of them, a well-built lad with dark hair and a friendly-looking face, turned as I neared the gap in the wall and said, "Hi." I hesitated, but decided it was safe to venture a quiet "Hi" back.

I walked through the gap and onto the reservoir footpath. I glanced back once, but the boys weren't following. The path wound round various obstacles and paralleled the curved bank of the reservoir. It was a beautiful walk, with splendid views of the hills beyond, as well as clear reflections of the sky in the calm waters of the reservoir.

I had been walking for about fifteen minutes when I realised I desperately needed a piss. Glancing around to see if anyone was nearby, I shot off the path through a gap in the trees and into a clearing beyond. Making sure, there was no way I could be seen from the path, I pulled out my cock and took a long, relaxing piss.

As I stuffed my cock back into my briefs, I heard a slight noise behind me and turned round. There, grinning at me, were the three boys from earlier.

"Hi," said the dark-haired one who had spoken to me earlier.

"Hi," I said again, more nervously this time. Were they planning to rob me?

The lad in the cycling gear spoke: "Like what you saw, did you?"


The third lad, blond, taller than the other two and slim, smiled at me. "Who would you say's got the nicest arse out of the three of us?"

I gaped at them, puzzled. They didn't seem to be reacting at all angrily to me having looked at their arses. No name-calling, or anything.

The dark-haired lad grinned at me again. "Confused? Don't be. We reckon you're like us, like a bit of cock and arse."

They were gay? Well, I guess that explained it.

He continued, "My name's Adam. That's Joe." He indicated the lad in cycling gear. "And that's Lee." He pointed to the blond haired lad. "And we'd like you to meet our arses!"

They turned round as one and bent forward slightly, setting off their backsides nicely.

Joe looked over his shoulder. "As the Americans would say, 'kiss my ass'." They all started laughing.

I needed no further invitation. I sank to my knees and began to kiss their gorgeous arses in turn, enjoying the feel of the material stretched over their buttocks. Then I went along the line again, removing their trousers and briefs and lavishing kisses on their arses.

Finally I returned to Adam and spent a great deal more time exploring his arse crack and sticking my tongue up his arse. He groaned happily. After I had done this for a few minutes I moved on to Joe, again bringing delighted moans from him. I was a bit rougher with Lee (okay, so I've always had a soft touch for blonds) - I didn't only stick my tongue up his arse, I stiffened it and tongue fucked him with it. His moans and groans were louder still than the other two's.

Eventually I sat back on my haunches and looked up at these handsome lads.

"I'm ready for some cock now, but are you really going to be able to wait your turn?" I grinned, but was surprised when they huddled together and started whispering.

Joe turned to me. "Well, we have got an idea. See what you think. Lee's got the biggest cock here and you seem to have been especially kind to his arse, so we think you should enjoy his cock in your arse. That leaves Adam and me - are you up to having two manly cocks in your mouth?"

I nodded enthusiastically, even though I had never had two cocks in my mouth before. What a treat - I could be a complete used slut.

Lee stepped behind me, lifted up my hips and then pulled off my trousers and briefs.

"Nice arse," he said, as he eased one finger into it and began to wiggle it around.

Adam and Joe stepped forward, their medium-sized cocks standing proudly erect. I took Adam's cock into my mouth first and then Joe sidled in next to Adam and pushed his cock in as well. My mouth felt so stretched out that I began to worry, especially when I began to find it hard to breathe as well. They shifted positions slightly and I found it easier to breathe through my nose.

As they did this, Lee was busy inserting one and then two more fingers in my arse and making himself busy, stretching me so I would be ready for him. I jumped as he brushed against my prostrate. I had to concentrate then, not to lose the two cocks from my mouth.

I allowed my tongue to swish around them both as my lips began to work on them. At the same moment, I felt Lee remove his fingers and replace them with his cock, which he began to pound into my arse.

Although it was harder than I expected, I managed to work Joe and Adam's cocks and began to enjoy the feeling of fullness in my mouth and my cock. Joe reached his orgasm first, spurting into my mouth. I think he set Adam off, because he followed shortly after. As I drew their spunk into my mouth I clenched my buttocks hard and was rewarded with the feel of Lee's come squirting into my arse, making me feel all warm inside.

I licked the cock tips and then they withdrew. Lee waited a little bit longer until his cock began to shrink and then withdrew. I felt quite empty at both ends.

We all got dressed and the - I'm not quite sure how it happened - we all ended up in a heap on the floor, kissing each other and rubbing our bodies against each other.

When we finally parted, Adam gave me a playful swat on the arse.

"Come up and play with us any time."

I've been back nearly every weekend since.

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