Cyber Date

by Nathan

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

I had been on my computer all day, deleting unnecessary files, expanding the capacity of my disc. I felt extremely horny. I couldn't even begin to explain to you why. Perhaps the mundane procedures that I had been going through with my computer. Perhaps that I had not had cock for over a week. The reasons were superfluous. I was horny, plain and simple.

I decided that I would phone my new friend Ben whom I had just met and didn't even really know that much about. We had only met once and we had mutually agreed that we would like to meet again over a beer or something. Ben actually called me on the phone today to ask what I was doing tonight. I told him that I would call him back, which I did.

I had only spoken with him on the phone once before during this period. We met on the net approximately two months ago. Ben doesn't know about me at all and I basically know the same about him nothing. Yet, I feel this incredible attraction to him. The power of how it came across on the phone today is more than words can describe.

He gave me a phone number and I called him. We made a date to meet later that night for a glass of wine at a bar not far from where he lives. I knew that I would have to take the bus for almost an hour to get there, but I didn't care. I was very excited about meeting this person who had such an influence on me recently.

I showered, shaved and dressed in my favorite jeans (the ones with the patches) and my loose-fitting sweatshirt ... the one with the sleeves that I had cut off. I did not put on any underwear (Was I too over-anxious?). I was completely naked within my jeans.

The entire time I was travelling on the bus, I had felt the pressure of my cock pressing against my pants with anticipation. I was very very hungry to let it all out. But I hadn't yet met Ben in person. Had I misread his signals?

I had arrived at the appointed address and entered the pub. Ben was sitting at one of the tables off to one side. He looked so handsome in his sweatshirt. I had wondered if I should come on to him. I had been so frightened of how he would react.

I had decided to play it cool and just take the moment for what it was a prearranged meeting with a new person. I was congenial. He seemed a bit nervous. (He should only know how nervous I was!)

We had two glasses of wine each and a lot of small talk crossed between us. Ben told me about himself a bit: his schooling, career aspirations, usual sort of thing. I told him about myself - the same old crock. I saw that it was close to 10 and I was beginning to feel a bit woozy from the wine thank God I was taking the bus home.

Ben surprised me by offering to drive all the way to my place in order to take me home. I didn't know what to say but that sparkle in his eye played the game. I nervously agreed. Who is this person? What will happen? I was so nervous. I wanted to let it "all hang out" and tell him, but I couldn't. He had seemed to be so straight on my first impression. He was very nice.

We finally arrived at my place around 11:30. I generously thanked him for the ride home. He asked if he could come in for a moment for a glass of water and I immediately answered in the positive. My hopes began to climb. I did not want to let on to him what I was and what I really desired from him aside from his companionship.

He came in and I gave him the water. Then he asked where the toilet was and I showed him. When he came out, I noticed this big bulge in his crotch. I licked my lips. I was so nervous. He sat down on the couch next to me, relaxing with his water. I had turned on the TV and offered to make us both a nightcap and once again, I was thrilled that he had agreed. Was he making an excuse to stay a little longer with me? At the bar, he had said that he wanted to get me home and go home himself as he was tired.

He started to tell me some jokes and I was laughing so hard that I fell off balance and I honestly had to put my hand on his leg to steady myself. Really, honest. My hand ended up being less than 5 inches from his crotch! I got this tremendous hard-on. I saw that he was looking at my crotch. I very nervously straightened myself up again. I had to pee badly from the excitement.

I left for the toilet and when I came out, I saw that he had relaxed a bit and was reclining. I also noticed that he had unzipped his jeans a bit. He had told me that he had had too much to eat at his parent's house and he just wanted to release some of the bloat.

I offered that he sleep over if he was not feeling well. Ben just sort of looked at me with a smile. I think he noticed my incredible hard-on through my pants, as I saw that he glanced downwards, toward my crotch.

Then he did it ... he looked right into my eyes. I could take it no longer. I sort of rubbed my crotch a bit and he responded by making a move with his hands toward the inside of his thigh. He began to rub his thigh a bit and asked if I minded if he let down his pants a bit "to release some of the pressure on his stomach." (yeah, right! At last I knew I was going to get somewhere!)

"No problem," I told him. Ben pulled his pants down just a tiny bit, revealing the most incredible sight. I get so turned on by that path of hair that goes down from the navel to the crotch. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was so handsome and I was so horny ... and nervous.

Ben put his hand down his pants a bit (sort of like a message, like he was scratching his balls). I licked my lips again, but this time he saw it. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly applied a gentle pressure. He was driving me wild ... I leaned over and put my mouth on his crotch, and started to suck through his jeans. I realized that I had taken an incredibly big chance by doing this, but it paid off.

He pulled his jeans all the way down and I was rewarded by one of the most beautiful cocks that I had ever seen. Ben's was at least 7 inches and very thick. It was standing at full mast and was glorious. My mouth immediately covered his tool and without hesitation, I swallowed the entire length down my throat.

Ben started to desperately search for my cock through my pants. I stood up, tore my pants off and laid down on the floor with my own cock standing a rigid 9 inches, staring straight into his face. He got off the couch, put his feet on either side of my head and then lowered himself -- his cock once again returning to home position (down my throat) and his own mouth gloriously covering my own throbbing and leaking tool.

I was so completely turned on by this that I came all over my belly immediately. He went down on my belly, licking up every drop. I began to suck on him gently, pulling at his balls with one hand; my other hand exploring his backside, one finger slowly entering his manhole. He began to writhe.

I immediately got hard again. We began to suck and suck, finishing off in one tremendous explosion of desire in each other's mouths, our hands searching out each other's lips, face, hair and body ... rubbing our cum all over each other and we ended up just lying on the floor, gently kissing one another and slowly becoming erect again for another session, the second of many to cum, as it were.

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