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Spying on Ryan

by X boy

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

For two years I had lived with the same straight roommate. I always thought he was really cute, but I never wanted to change our friendship or screw myself out of a roommate so to speak. Ryan was tall and lean. He had dark hair and a dark complexion. He had such a hot body! I had seen him plenty of times with his shirt off when it was hot in our apartment. His chest was well defined and mostly smooth. He had small dark nipples and just a little hair in the right places. I was especially distracted by the trail of dark hair that led from his navel down into his shorts. I wanted to follow that trail in the worst way. I knew there must be something amazing at the end of it.

Unfortunately it was not an easy trail to follow, as you can imagine. Ryan was basically an athletic stud. He had a lot of women throw themselves at him, so he always picked the hottest ones to fuck. He never seemed in any way interested in guys, even just out of curiosity. I had sometime ago accepted that he was straight, but I still liked listening to him fuck girls through our common bedroom wall. He had asked on various occasions if he had ever kept me awake. I always lied and said I slept very soundly and never heard a thing. The truth was I heard it all. I kept my ear pressed against the wall listening to the sounds of hot sex in the next room. I often imagined he was fucking me, which really got me horny. I loved to jack off to the sounds of him fucking, and then I would try to cum at the same time he did. Judging from the moans of his girls, I suspected he was very well endowed.

One night after we had been watching TV for a couple of hours, I decided to go to bed early. I said good night to Ryan and went into my bedroom just off the living room. I lay awake for a while trying to block out the sound of the TV which was right next to my door. Finally, I heard the TV go quiet and rolled over to get some sleep. As I did, I noticed the living room light was still shining under my door. I got up intending to turn off the light, but when I was about to reach for my door knob, I heard the recliner squeak. My roommate was still awake.

Maybe I was curious because it was so quiet out there. I couldn't hear the volume from the TV at all, but I knew from the hum it was still on. I knelt down to peek through the keyhole of my door. I saw Ryan sitting in the recliner looking at a DVD case. I strained to see the other direction and could just make out the edge of the TV screen. He was watching porn. I wasn't really that surprised considering I had many times been in the same situation--horny as hell and alone. Looking back at Ryan, I could see he was squinting a little with a frown on his face. He was really concentrating on this movie. His eyes were intensely focused and is face showed his concentration and excitement. My eyes drifted down across his chest and stomach to his crotch. There was a definite bulge right in the middle which his hand would rub against occasionally. As I watched him longer, his hand made more and more frequent trips down to his jeans. My own cock was rock hard, and I was quietly stroking it. I thought it was such a turn on to be spying on him like this. That's when it came out.

Ryan needed better access. Rubbing through his jeans was not good enough. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he quickly unfastened and unzipped his pants. His right hand plunged into his boxers and came out with a large, semi-hard cock. My breath stopped. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There in plain sight was my friend and roommate, sitting in our living room slowly pulling on his big dick. It grew as he stroked it. My eyes open were so wide I thought they might fall out. Watching him jack off was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. His left hand would venture up under his shirt to tweak a nipple or rub his stomach. His head tilted back now and then as he enjoyed himself, and his jaw would open when the action on the screen was really hot. Before long he pulled his balls free but quickly decided that clothes were just getting in the way. He stood up from the chair and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor. Next his jeans and boxers came down in one motion revealing his naked body in all its glory. As he pulled the jeans off of his feet, my eyes were glued to his cock bouncing around and sticking straight out in front of him.

He stood for a second, eying the screen and giving his dick some long, even strokes. I started to match him stroke for stroke on my own aching member. I had never been so turned on in my life. From his mouth he released a long strand of saliva down onto his cock and worked it in with both hands. Properly lubed, he sat back down in the recliner completely naked. After a couple more strokes to my own dick, I started to cum. I just couldn't help myself. My cum shot onto the door and ran down into the carpet. I didn't care, and I couldn't stop watching. My erection didn't subside at all. I stayed rock hard and kept stroking.

I knew I was safe as long as I kept quiet. The best thing for me was just to enjoy the show from where I was and jerk myself off to another amazing but silent climax.

But I wanted to go out there so bad. I wanted to join him in pleasuring himself. The only hope I had was to depend on a fact of nature: guys love to fuck. There's something overpowering about having a hard cock and needing to satisfy it. It makes men do things they wouldn't otherwise do. The sensations are so strong. Your mind is no match for your cock when you are in this state. The cock demands to be pushed into *something* -- to feel enveloped in warmth -- to be stimulated -- to fuck. Guys typically want to cum as often as they can. All the cheesy pickup lines and various means of seduction guys use are all for the same reason--cumming. These were the urges I was feeling to. That's what made me open the door.

Ryan was startled. The look of enjoyment on his face flashed to surprise and maybe a little fright. He instinctively tried to cover himself, grab the remote, and explain himself at the same time. But before he could get any words out of his mouth, he saw that I was naked and aroused. Our eyes met, and the look we exchanged gave us both the go ahead. We silently agreed on what would happen next. Maybe we were both consumed by desire for each other. Maybe he was just consumed by desire to get off, and I was the lucky target. It didn't matter so much why it would happen because we both knew it was about to begin.

I moved towards him and got down on my knees in front of the chair. He reclined back a little and spread his legs wide for me. I slid my hands up his thighs to the center of our attention. It seemed like the center of the whole world at that moment. We both had our eyes locked onto his cock. Two friends were about to share something for the first time. My head moved in close to his cock, my breath shortening and my heart pounding. It was so amazing I just looked at it, memorizing it's shape and size. I could smell his manly scent and feel the heat on my face. The sexual power of this man was overwhelming me and making my head spin.

I took his stiff shaft into my right hand. It felt so good -- like it fit perfectly. The skin was so smooth and warm. My mind was reeling with the thought of holding my friend's manhood. I was touching him in a new and intimate way. My own cock throbbed just at the thought of it. He looked down intently at me and at his towering penis. We were both dying of anticipation. I slowly pulled down on his cock until it was aimed right at my face. Ryan licked his lips and breathed heavily. He was starting to ooze a little. I looked past the clear fluid down along the length of his shaft to where it met his body. My eyes closed and my mouth opened.

Ryan's cock tasted so good as it entered my warm wet mouth. I got another strong whiff of his manliness, along with the taste of his most favored body part. He moaned softly at the feeling of his cock sliding down my throat. He didn't stop pushing until the whole thing was buried in my mouth with his balls pressing against my chin. My nose was tickled by his pubes and again filled with his rich scent. I moved my left hand to his balls and gently tugged on them, evoking another moan from deep within him. He slowly withdrew his cock, savoring every inch dragging across my tongue. His eyes closed and his head was thrown back. His lips parted and he let out more low sounds of pleasure.

My hands started to explore his entire body. They moved sensually from his balls to his sides, to his nipples, and to his face. He sucked on my fingers when I slid them into his mouth and twitched with excitement whenever I hit a sensitive spot on his body. I explored his chest and his flat stomach. I wandered down below his balls to tease his darkest areas and his sensitive hole. This stimulation was making him wild. He was thrusting with more urgency now. His body pushed up out of the chair to get as much of his cock as possible into my mouth. His hips were bucking and his head rolling around on his shoulders.

I applied more suction to his thick member. Ryan responded with more moans and muttered cuss words. He was really getting into this blow job. I could tell he needed to release soon, and I was ready for it whenever he started to give it to me. He was fucking my mouth now without restraint. He grabbed the sides of my head and pulled it down onto him. The moans became grunts. His words became more clear as he talked dirty to me.

"Oh fuck yeah. Fuck yeah dude! Suck this cock. Ohhh. Oh yeah. Suck my fuckin cock." I followed his directions with even more enthusiasm. My mouth begged for his sexual release. We were both working our hardest to get our reward for all our efforts. The only reason for either of us to be in this situation, in these positions, doing what we were doing, was very clear. We both wanted the exact same thing: for him to cum.

His breaths were so short now he was almost panting. He began yelling his curses and forcing my face down on him. I didn't miss a beat as I swallowed each powerful thrust, moaning myself out of pure enjoyment. And then, the ultimate prize was imminent. I heard his voice rise and felt his body stiffen. His muscles all started to contract and work together. His entire body and his very being joined in the single task of lodging his cock as deep into me as possible, almost forcing his whole body into my mouth cock-first.

I looked up to see his face contort with a look of unbearable pain, but I knew it was actually unbearable pleasure. His cock began to spasm in my mouth, and he cried out as his mind went blank and his orgasm washed over him. He shot his big load into me, pumping so much cum I could hardly keep up. The feeling of his dick throbbing in my mouth and his strong arms locking my head to his crotch was making a stir in my own body.

My cock rubbed against his leg, gliding on the precum I had been dripping onto him. I was so turned on that a few thrusts against his muscled leg sent me over the edge. I came so hard I felt like I was going out of my mind. My cum shot up into the air and landed on his knee and the chair. We both held perfectly still for a few moments, relishing the feelings of relaxation, satisfaction, and complete release. I felt Ryan's cock start to soften in my mouth. He very carefully withdrew his expended dick, and I could taste the semen still oozing from it. The odor of our cum was strong in the air.

We were both too exhausted to even speak. Ryan just spread a satisfied grin across his face, and I turned to go back to my room. I fell asleep that night thinking of his beautiful body, with the smell of his manliness in my nostrils and the taste of his semen on my lips. I knew this would happen again.

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