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Come Home Kevin, Come Home

by Vashon Logwood

...something happened today - something that will change my life forever...

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

The day had started like any other day had started. All my life the alarm bell went off. I would wake up and struggle 15 minutes getting my body ready to leave the warm covers. Sleepily, I would drag myself into the bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror. I would look normal but feel completely different. I didn't know why I was different but I just knew I was. Then I would turn the shower on and let the water run till the steam began to rise. I slipped my boxer shorts off and looked into the mirror.

My body was a trim 150lbs. It was toned due to my recent working out with my father. I stared at my skin. Usually, I was almost transparent but recently my body had been getting tanned out. So I hopped into the shower and let the hot water hit me. The water would hit me and then it would run all the way down my body. With my eyes closed, it seemed that the whole water hitting the body process intensified.

After getting out of the shower, I quickly slipped into my boxer briefs. Walking into my closet, I spotted my blue baggy jeans and my polo shirt. I was dressed and ready to jet. So I headed out into the kitchen where my mother was cooking breakfast. I didn't have for breakfast so I slipped out of the door before she could make another speech about how I should eat a lot better. Grabbing my bike, I was riding on my way to school. The ride was pretty uneventful. And usually most of my life is pretty uneventful. But something happened today...Something that will change my life forever. I fell in love.

I know, Journal. You're probably asking how much did falling in love change your life. Well it changed it a lot. This is how it happened.

The bike slid into the school as I parked it and locked it. Went to my locker and I opened it up to find a letter. The letter was from Kevin Halloway. Now Kevin was the school's most popular kid. He played basketball and football. His skin was dark brown and he had light brown eyes. His body was built like a tank. He is pretty much the opposite of who I am. He's popular. And I barely make a presence for myself. Anyway the note said meet him in the bathroom before school.

First thought that ran through my head was fear. Was I about to get the shit beat out of me? and if so why? So slowly I went to the bathroom. Kevin was leaning against the wall with no one there. He was still for what seemed like forever. "I need your help studying.....I need to bring up my grades," Kevin said in a deep voice. "I'll help you," I found myself saying with enthusiasm. "Tonight at my crib....dont tell nobody," Kevin said handing me a paper with his address on it.

I won't bore you telling you how important I felt the rest of the day knowing I needed to help Kevin pass his classes. And it was all my little secret.

6:00pm Knock Knock! I stood at Kevin's house. Kevin opened the door in nothing but shorts and let me in. Now I thought he was muscular but when his body was exposed....I saw muscle I never thought anyone could have. Kevin led me to his room and pulled out his history book. we got to work. We worked hard because when I looked up it was nearly 7:30pm. So we took a break. I looked around his room spotting thing from school. Awards as well as recognition cerficates were place through out the room.

"You must be Superstudent," I jokingly threw out at him.
"Yeah that's why you're tutoring me," he shot back to me.
"I wish I were as popular as you," I said with complete honesty.
"I wish I were as smart as you," he said.
"You're smart," I spoke in a quiet tone, "Its hard up when even study partners don't want to be seen with you."
"What gave you that idea?" he asked.
"Just that you were like don't tell anybody," I let out.
"Just didn't want people thinking I was some dummy," Kevin said sliding in closer to me. "My life might look pretty from the outside but it aint," Kevin said like he was devulging a big secret. "I just wish sometimes I had someone who really cared about me," Kevin said weakly on the verge of tears.
"Your parents love you," I threw in trying to comfort him.

His tears came anyway. So I stared at him and minute then I leaned over and gave him a hug. The hug was soft. His body was hard with muscle. Then it happened. It happened like in every movie I saw. His eyes met mine and I melted away. Then we kissed. A peck at first. But thent another kiss which grew to deep tongue action. It was my first kiss. It was breath taking. Then he pushed my away and hoped up. My heart went damn.

Soon jazz music filled the air and the light went low. My heart began to beat steadily. Kevin sat back down and reached over running his hand through my hair. His other hand produced a letter and handed it to me and told me to read it later. So there we were kissing on the floor when his dad busted in. Out of fear, I got up and took off running to the door.

As I was leaving I could hear arguing. I was so afraid that I kept running till I got home. Laying in my bed awhile I began to lick my lips. I could taste him. It was like he left traces of his lovely lips on mine. Then it occured to me that he gave me a letter earlier. I reached in my back pocket and opened it up to read it.

The note said how much he liked me and thought I was smart. He said he loved the way I was quiet in school and that he loved my smile. My heart tugged. He said he was afriad to love me because of what other people would say. I tucked the letter under my pillow and I laid in the bed thinking. I drifted off asleep.

I was awaken by a tap on the door. I rose from the bed to Kevin standing in the door. I opened the door and let him in. We instantly kissed. Sometime later we were both sitting on the bed when he hit me with some news,
"I got to leave tonight."
My heart stopped.
"But I wanted to spend my last night with you," Kevin said kissing my cheek.

I nodded as I rose and locked the door. And the kissing began. Our tongue did battle over who was more hot. Somehow I ended up on my back and him laying on top on me. My finger traced each contour of his muscle. I was trying to remember it. I wanted to remember his taste, his skin, and his feel. I slid down and I saw his dick for the first time. It had to be a little over 6 inches but it was so thick. So thick that there was no way I would be able to take it even if I tried. The head enter my mouth and slid my tongue along the ridge. And the dick disappeared inside and outside my mouth. Kevin's eyes were rolling throughout his head. It was my first time but I knew what was needed. But the moment came when I asked myself could I give myself completely to him.

"Fuck me," I whispered to Kevin. Kevin lifted my leg up and placed his dick near the hole. There was pain when he went in. But as he started to move it got so much better. I was in total pleasure. I was moaning and not even caring if my parents had heard or not. With a couple of bangs, he let volumes of cum lose within me. Then he laid there and held me throughout the night. At one point of the night, I woke up and wrote him a letter and stuffed it in his pants pocket with 50 quid I had been collecting.

Soon after he woke up. "I got to go," Kevin said.
"Do you have to?" I said with tears starting to come down my face.
"My parents don't want me back home," he said pulling his shirt on.
"I'll tell them I begged you to kiss me," I said desperately trying to get him to stay.
"I love you and don't worry I'll never forget you," Kevin said finally fully dressed.
"What about money?" I asked.
"I got quite a bit saved for college...I'll just put it on hold a while," Kevin said heading for the window. "I put a letter in your pocket....I love you," I said as Kevin blew me a kiss and disappeared through the window. I had found happiness and here the world took it away.

I woke up different. The shower felt different. My underwear didn't quite fit. All day I felt like crying. Then all of a sudden, I lick my lips. And I could taste him. Like he never went away. My fingers still felt him. And I felt lucky. I felt love.

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