The Orgy Room

by Carlos Zoltan Martinos

Disclaimer Warning:    If you're under age or offended by the explicit gay fiction, you shouldn't be here reading this - so DO NOT read any further. In fact please leave, and get a life! For all the rest of you guys, welcome to the Fiction Factory. The following is a fictional story and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. This story was originally published in the Nifty archive at and may not be used anywhere else or reproduced further without the author's prior permission.

It's almost 11PM, and the room is pitch black. I can't see my hand in front of my face. And it's amazingly quiet in here . . . except for periodic moans and groans that grow in intensity, as someone in the room approaches a climax. For the first time in my life, I'm in the orgy room of a gay bathhouse.

I've been here for about ten minutes now, and one thing I've learned for sure . . . the room is full of swinging cocks. It is wall to wall hard dick in here. Yet there's almost no conversation going on. This is apparently a place where horny guys get down to the basics of raw, animal, man to man sex. With no preliminaries.

I'm feeling my way around the room, trying to get my bearings. Some dude behind me is groping me as I move, but I try to ignore him. It's all too much too soon for me. Apparently the only furniture is a huge round bed in the middle of the room. As I ease around the bed I feel a tangle of hairy arms and legs and dicks and balls, in a bewildering array of positions and activities.

And now that I'm close to the bed, I hear the unmistakable sounds of hot gay male sex. The soft slurping sounds of cocks thrusting in and out of mouths. And the soft grunts and groans of some lucky dude taking an extra big dick up his ass.

I feel dizzy. This is hormone overload for me, and I guess I'm not ready for it yet. I manage to find a tiny piece of the bed that's unoccupied, and I gratefully sit down on it. But within seconds I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders. Someone is apparently standing directly in front of me, but I can't see a thing because of the total darkness. Then, in rapid succession, I feel a hairy crotch being pushed into my face, and a big dickhead oozing precum being rubbed against my lips.

The guy who belongs to the dick leans down and whispers in my ear, a husky, hoarse whisper, "How about smoking on this for a while, buddy?!"

I'm about to say, "Back off, man!" But then I rub my hands from his groin up across muscular abs and pecs, and then back to his groin again. I wrap my hand around his cock, and that really gets my attention. He has one of those heavy, pumped up dicks that feels like it's just bursting with cum.

I know I'm a piece of meat to this dude, but I'm totally turned on by his awesome bod and his pumped up rod. "Smoke on it, huh?", I whisper in reply. "Sure, I'll smoke on your dick, you cocky bastard." Since it's so dark in here, he doesn't know I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Without another word, he takes my hand and leads me to a corner of the room. It's slow going, because there are a lot of hard, naked men between us and the corner.

Once we're there, I feel him turn to face me. He puts his hands on my shoulders again and pushes me down. I go with the flow and find myself on my knees, with his leaking dickhead back on my lips. This time I open my mouth and take him in, and he lets out a deep groan.

My tongue starts working on the underside of his cockhead. I can tell I'm doing it right, even if I am inexperienced. He's got both of his hands cupped behind my head, and he's pumping his hips back and forth. He's fucking my face with slow, shallow strokes, so that my tongue never leaves the head of his dick.

And I can tell he's really starting to get horned up now. His strokes are still slow and gentle, but he's starting to plow into me a little deeper with each thrust. And somewhere between my conscious and subconscious mind it registers with me that I'm giving this dude a blow job! That's a first for me. My few previous experiences were all reciprocal.

I guess I always thought that giving a blow job would be demeaning. But instead it's exhilarating! I know I'm just servicing this guy. He's just using me to get his rocks off. But he's got such a gentle touch - it excites me to be able to help him shoot his load.

I've been concentrating totally on his luscious dick up until now. Then it dawns on me that all this time I've been holding onto a really great, firm, muscular ass. I rub my hand over it and feel him shudder. I rub my finger over his hairy ass crack and he groans. I burrow a finger farther in - searching for his asshole and I feel him jump. I'm starting to think that this dude might be as inexperienced as I am. Then he puts his hands down on my shoulders again and massages them, as if to say it's okay to continue.

So I go on probing - and there it is. His asshole is moist from sweat - and tight. I stroke it and massage it and rub it. I love the way it feels. It's so smooth and velvety compared to all the coarse hairs surrounding it. And then my finger gently pushes into his asshole - all the way in. And he is moaning continuously now. I am so turned on by his asshole, if I didn't have a mouthful of dick I know I would rim him now. And that would be another first for me.

He slows his thrusts now, and then stops with just his cock head still in my mouth. He's panting hard. I know he's close and doesn't want to cum yet. So I pull my finger out of his asshole, and grab hold of his hairy thighs with both hands. He puts a hand on each of my cheeks, so that he is holding my head in his hands. And then we both remain perfectly still.

And somehow I find this quiet interlude tremendously erotic. Neither of us wants him to cum yet. Both of us want him to continue his slow gentle strokes in my mouth. So we are being totally still - to bring him back from the brink - so we can prolong our sexual intimacy.

Then, after several minutes, he begins anew. With his cock head in my mouth, he gently pulls my head toward his crotch. And his dick glides slowly into my mouth, while his body remains motionless. He continues pulling my head toward him until my face is pressing hard against his hairy crotch, and his cock is down my throat. Then he gives one or two gentle thrusts with his hips, just to be sure that I know that he's all the way in. To complete the cycle, he slowly pushes my head back away from his crotch, and his dick slides out of my throat.

His only motion is the movement of his hands as he directs my head into his crotch and then back out again - along with the gentle hip thrust when his dick is all the way down my throat. He is an expert at giving long, leisurely thrusts. All of his movements are fluid and graceful. Over and over I feel the sensuous slow passage of his cock into my mouth and down my throat. His moans are continuous again. And just knowing that I am responsible for giving this man so much sexual pleasure is a real turn-on for me. I'm on my knees before him, to do his bidding. I want him to use my body so he can experience the exquisite moments of orgasm.

Then I have the weirdest sensation. It's just that everything about the two of us together seems so right. Our movements seem like those of two long time lovers slow dancing together - moving as one without missing a beat.

But then our rhythm is broken as he drops to his knees facing me. He embraces me and kisses me softly on the lips. His kisses are as gentle as his strokes, and his lips linger on mine as he runs his tongue lightly across my lips.

Whoa! What's going on here? A moment ago I was giving a slow and gentle blow job to a very appreciative bloke. And now we're involved in a love-fest! Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining - just very surprised.

We roll over onto the carpet so that we are lying side by side facing each other. I press up hard against him - I just can't get enough of him. Then in a flash he reverses himself, so that we are lying in the classic 69 position. His hairy balls have a heady, musky aroma. I lick the underside of them, where they are joined to his groin, and I hear another groan. Then I burrow my nose into his hairy crotch and inhale the raunchy, beautiful, masculine aroma of fresh male sweat.

Our minds are working as one now. As I take his throbbing dick down my throat, my cock glides slowly into his mouth. Even though I'm a thick seven inches, he takes me to the hilt. And I know I have all of him when I feel my nose pressing up against his balls.

And that's the beginning of an awesome half hour of oral sex. Moving our hips and our heads, we fuck each other slow and gentle, then fast and hard, and then back to slow and gentle again. We seem somehow to be in perfect sync. Everything seems to fit. I wish it could go on forever.

I know he prefers long, slow and gentle strokes, so I'm giving him those exclusively now. My dick slides in and out of his mouth with a wondrous, slow, rhythmic cadence. And his cock maintains that same cadence in my mouth.

I know I'm getting close now, so I pull my cock part way out of his mouth, so that he can focus all of his attention on my dick head. It's had so much stimulation that it's now super-sensitive to his touch. He wraps his tongue around it, sucking and licking and then sucking some more.

And that pushes me over the brink. My cock goes granite hard. The cum churns in my balls, rushes up my thick cum tube and explodes in his mouth. I hear both of us moan as the first spurt blasts the back of his throat. And then there are several more - they coat his mouth and throat with my hot jizz. When my spurts subside he licks the head of my dick, slowly and sensually, to get the last of the cum that is still oozing from me. Bells and whistles go off in my head, and I marvel at the ability of this stranger to bring me such ecstasy.

Feeling the flood of my cum in his mouth pushes him over the edge too. He sends five or six heavy shots of white hot jizz into me. I hold it in my mouth and swallow it slowly - savoring it. And once again I'm amazed that this act of intimacy effects me in such a profound way. I feel at peace with the world.

Barely moving, we hold one another tightly as we lick up the last drops of cum. Then he swings around again and lies gently on top of me. We kiss tenderly as we lie clinging to one another for several minutes - totally oblivious to the moans and groans of others in the room.

Then, with a final kiss he is up and moving toward the door. I'm surprised by his sudden departure, and I follow him out a few seconds later. I look down the hall but there is no one in sight.

I stumble into an empty room, lock the door and crash on the bed. I replay the past hour in my mind. Everything seemed so right between us, and then he vanishes without a trace. But I know I shouldn't really be surprised. I have always heard that bathhouse sex is anonymous sex. I toss and turn before finally conking out around 5AM.

I wake up around 2PM that afternoon, thinking about Kevin. Gorgeous Kevin, who has always been my closest friend. Kevin and I are kindred spirits - soul mates. Kevin is my guardian angel and my father confessor. He's always there for me when things are bleak, with a big shoulder for me to cry on.

Kevin is the light of my life. I can not imagine life without him. He completes me. He is a part of me. If he wasn't straight, he and I would almost certainly be lovers. Kevin is my nineteen year old half-brother.

Our intense closeness developed in early adolescence. That's when we became inseparable. People stopped mentioning our names alone. It was never just `Kevin' anymore. It was never just `Marky' anymore. From then on it was always `Kevin and Marky'.

What we have is so much more than brotherly love. It verges on romantic love. We go on long walks on the beach together - just the two of us. If the beach is deserted, we hold hands. On those occasions - when he reaches over and takes my hand - I feel as though we are the only two people in the world.

Beginning about four months ago, every Wednesday we go out to dinner at a gay restaurant in West Hollywood. Just the two of us. It's a romantic, candle lit spot, and we always get a booth. He sits beside me in the booth, and he holds my hand or puts his hand on my thigh while we eat. And yeah, I know that's not typical behavior between half-brothers. But then, we're not typical.

A friend once told me that I am always standing in Kevin's shadow. And there's some truth in that. Kevin is outgoing and gregarious, and I guess I'm slightly on the introverted side. Kevin revels in the spotlight, and I'm happy to let him have it. When we're in social situations, Kevin makes a conscious effort to stay physically close to me, to be sure that I'm included in everything. He's always thinking of me in ways like that.

When friends want to tease us, they tell us we are so close we must be joined at the hip. I feel like telling them that I would love to be joined to Kevin - but not at the hip. That's right. Even though I have a brotherly love and a romantic love for Kevin, I also love him in another way. It's a raunchy, lustful kind of love. It's the kind of love that makes me want to suck him off and rim him and fuck him and . . . but that's the love that remains unspoken.

I guess most people think of Kevin as my big half-brother, he's a similar size to me - six foot one and 180 pounds of athletic grace and muscle. Golden blond hair covers much of his body, but his abs and pecs are smooth.

But there's one way that Kevin and I are physically different. My big feet are a size larger than his. And you probably know what they say about dudes with big feet. Anyway, we checked it out one day about two months ago when we were horsing around. And we both hang seven thick inches. "Wow," Kevin said with a grin, "that's a relief. Junior would have felt awful if he hadn't measured up." That was the first time I had ever heard him refer to his dick as `Junior', and I laughed out loud. Somehow there was something very erotic about Kevin giving his cock a name. Since then, I notice that Kevin manages to work 'Junior' into the conversation a lot, but only when the two of us are alone. Hmm.

It's about 3PM now, on a hot spring day in Los Angeles. I'm still reveling in my exciting experience in the orgy room last night, as I head back to our apartment near UCLA. I always describe my sexual experiences to Kevin - in great detail. And he's cool with that. Sometimes I think maybe they even turn him on a little bit. But that's probably just wishful thinking.

I'm sure he will be at the apartment. I don't know what he did last night. He left around 10PM, saying he would be back in a couple of hours. That left me at loose ends. I didn`t feel like staying at home alone, and the orgy room beckoned, so . . .

I walk into the apartment and Kevin is sitting at one end of the sofa with a beer in his hand. His skimpy shorts are all that keeps him from being totally naked. As often as I've seen him like that, it still turns me on. I feel a big jolt in my groin.

I take two or three steps into the room, and stop cold. Whoa! Something is out of whack here. But . . . I shake it off. "Hey, Kev! You okay, buddy? Something bothering you?"

"Hey, Marky! I'm just meditating. Just lost in thought."

"Let me bring you back to the here and now, Kev. Cause I've got a wild sex story to tell you!" I'm looking at Kevin intently now. Something is way out of kilter here, but I can't define it.

I walk into my bedroom, strip, and slip into a pair of shorts. I've done it unconsciously, but now I'm dressed just like Kevin. I walk into the kitchen, get a couple of cold beers out of the fridge, toss one to Kevin, and sit down on the other end of the sofa. Kevin stretches out on the sofa and puts his bare feet in my lap. And there's that jolt in my groin again. I'll swear, I'm hard about half the time I'm around him, but he never seems to notice it.

"This story has a lot of hot action, buddy. So be prepared." And with that I begin my story. But I don't get very far. I'm just starting to tell him about the dude hitting on me while I was sitting on that big round bed in the orgy room. "He puts both hands on my shoulders . . . " I say, and Kevin holds up his hand to stop me. His face is ashen.

He gives me a long hard look, and there's so much emotion in his face, for a moment I think he's going to cry. Then he says to me, "And the guy leans over and whispers in your ear, "How about smoking on this for a while, buddy?!"

And now everything is moving in slow motion. We're in a surreal world that somehow bears no resemblance to reality. We look at each other, and speak in unison, as though it is scripted and rehearsed.

"Oh . . . my . . . God . . . That was YOU in the orgy room last night!"

Then we stare at one another as we try to assimilate the events of last night into our relationship. How does an hour of lusty, hot, raunchy sex fit into a lifelong platonic relationship? Neither of us knows the answer to that. But we both know our relationship will never be the same again.

Kevin has slipped off the sofa now, and is sitting on the carpet, with his back resting against the sofa base. I move over beside him and put my arm around his shoulder. He leans into me and I can hear him groaning. "What's happening to us, Marky?" he whispers.

"I'm not sure, Kev." My voice is filled with emotion. "But I think that, after nineteen years, maybe we just found each other."

Kevin turns to face me, and there are tears rolling down his cheeks. We are both overwhelmed with emotion. And now I'm crying too, like I haven't cried since I was five years old. All of the emotions that have been building up in me for too many years are bubbling over now. Big salty tears are streaming down my cheeks. We are stretched out on the floor now, with our arms wrapped around each other. Sobbing.

And now Kevin is kissing me tenderly through our tears. He softly rubs his lips against mine, and then slowly runs his tongue across my lips. For an instant I imagine that I am back with him in the orgy room, and he is slowly running his leaking cock head across my lips. It is all so gentle. and it is all so fucking hot!

When we are finally all cried out, I grin at Kevin and say, "So help me, man, I'm going to slug you if you say something awful like, `God was I drunk last night`!"

He grins in spite of himself, and then flashes me his tough guy, macho look and snarls, "Hey, man! You've been kissing me! It's ME who should be slugging YOU!" He makes a valiant effort, but he can't keep a straight face. We look at each other for a long moment, and then we both burst out laughing. And we're off again. Now we can't stop laughing. So we just give in to it. We just let it run its course, while we cling to each other on the floor.

It's a few minutes later now. We finally have ourselves more or less under control. Kevin is sitting on the sofa again, and I'm stretched out on it with my head in his lap.

"When I walked into that orgy room, Marky, I was in total confusion about my sexual identity. Up until about six months ago, I was never strongly attracted to anyone sexually. I was convinced that I was just under-sexed. And then the two of us moved in here, and the environment was so totally different from living at home with mom and dad. I'll never forget that day shortly after we moved in. You had just finished your shower and were walking down the hall buck naked, and I turned the corner into the hall and almost ran over you. There was a tangle of arms and legs, and suddenly we were both on the floor in a heap. And my face was pressed hard against your naked crotch! And it was like I had been struck by a bolt of lightning, Marky. Bingo! Instant hardon!"

Kevin continues, "Whoa! I'm a straight guy, and straight guys aren't supposed to react like that! I wasn't creeped out or anything - just surprised. Then, as the months wore on, you looked better and better to me every day, Marky. I would catch myself having fantasies about having sex with you, babe. And in the past month or so those fantasies became very graphic. They included everything that the two of us did last night - and more!"

"Finally last night, Marky, I felt like I was in sexual meltdown. I had never had a man to man sexual experience before, and I just told myself the time had come. And I couldn't possibly have made you a part of that experiment, Marky. What if we had tried having gay sex together, and I had been turned off by it? You would understandably have felt totally rejected. And it just might have destroyed the beautiful relationship we've been building together for so many years."

"I had heard you mention that pitch black orgy room, Marky, and that seemed like the ideal solution. I wanted totally anonymous gay sex so that I could gauge my reaction to it. And I split so suddenly after the sex was over because of that very reason - I wanted it to be anonymous."

"I honest to God did not know that was you in the orgy room last night, Marky. I don't have to tell you how dark it is in there. And we didn't exchange more than a couple of dozen words with each other - and that was all whispered. As you probably know, it`s almost impossible to recognize a person`s voice from a whisper. "

I ponder all of this for a moment. Then I flash Kevin a sly grin and say, "You went there last night to gauge your reaction to gay sex. How did we do together? I mean the raunchy, in your face, man to man sex. Were we okay?"

"Okay?" Kevin growls. "My God, Marky, the sex with you was fucking incredible! I had no idea you could make me feel so hot! You have the ability to create feelings in me that I never knew existed!"

Kevin's beautiful words of praise leave me speechless, and warm all over. I think it`s time now to relieve some of the intensity of the past half hour, so I say, "Hey, Kevin, I've been wanting to get you in the shower with me for the past five years, dude. So let's do it, man!" I grab him by the hand and lead him into the bathroom. I get down on my knees and pull his shorts down to his ankles. And Junior springs to attention, up close and personal. I admire him in all his glory - that heavy, pumped up dick that looks like it's just bursting with cum. I kiss Junior on the head and then jump to my feet. "Focus! Into the shower."

We are both ramrod stiff, and it takes a while before we can concentrate on showering. I soap up Kevin's ass and asshole with special care. And of course Kev picks up on that right away. His tough guy, macho look is back. "Hey, man! What's with you back there! Are you getting fresh or something!" And once again he can't hold his frown. He looses it, and bursts out laughing again.

We're in Kevin's bedroom now. Lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling. A towel is thrown carelessly over our naked bodies. Kevin is the first to speak.

"Remember a little while ago, babe. You were thinking about how often you've been hard in the past few months - whenever I'm around. And you thought I wasn't aware of it. Well, believe me, Marky, I was aware! I didn't do anything about it because I had to get through all this in my own time and in my own way. But there were a lot of times I came so close to grabbing you and carrying you off to my lair! I wanted to rape and ravage you, Marky!"

"Damn! I sure wish you had!" I respond quickly, with a grin. "But it's okay with me if you want to do it now!"

Kevin grins back and reaches over and slugs me playfully on the upper arm. He hasn't done that since we were in Junior High School. And I somehow find it very endearing.

We grow quiet for a few minutes now. Our silences have always been comfortable, and this one is no exception. We are momentarily lost in our own thoughts. After a while Kevin reaches over and puts his hand gently on my crotch. It's such a soft touch it's not really a sexual move. It's just an expression of intimacy. I put my hand over his, and we both let out big sighs. I know we are both wondering why it has taken us so long to find one another.

Kevin turns on his side now, so he's facing me. "You know, babe, I've been meaning to talk to you about that tiger between your legs. Don't you think it's about time we introduced him to Junior?" Then, without a moment's hesitation, he throws off the towel that had been covering us, and our two golden blond dicks are saluting us proudly. And I know in an instant that my cock now has a name. Tiger has joined the family.

I put my hand on Kevin's thigh and start stroking it lightly. I can't resist those thick blond hairs on the inside of his thigh. He looks at me inquiringly. He's telling me that I'm the leader tonight. It's up to me to call the shots. "Hey, Kev, you remember last night in the orgy room. There for a minute or two I was playing a little grab-ass with you. I was really getting into it, and I think you were too. Well, tonight we're going to play the advanced version of that game, buddy!"

"Okay, Marky. I'm all yours tonight. Just tell me what to do."

"First, just lie flat on your back and put two of those pillows under your head, Kev, so you can see what's going on. Now put the other two pillows under your butt, so it's raised a little. At-a boy! Now spread those muscular legs of yours, and just lie back and enjoy it."

I get between Kev's legs, and the view is breathtaking. His golden thighs are spread wide, revealing a blond, hairy crotch. His thick seven inches is pointed straight up at his navel, and his balls are drawn in close to his body.

"I'm going to push your thighs up toward your chest now, Kev. Just grab `em and hold `em there. That's it. You got a beautiful ass on you, man! And the position you're in now shows it off great . . . You okay, Kev?"

"Sure, I feel fine, Marky. Maybe a little vulnerable at the moment. But fine."

"This is gonna be my first rim job, buddy. But I'm a fast learner. So hang on!"

I put my hands on Kevin's ass cheeks, and spread them apart. And the crack in his ass opens up beautifully. His ass is blond, just like the rest of him, and I'm totally turned on.

I lower my face to his crack, and I feel his hair on my lips. I lick the entire length of his crack lightly with my tongue. He has a hot masculine aroma of soap and fresh sweat. And now I'm in a little deeper, licking the inside of his crack. I keep licking his hairs, so that now they're plastered to the sides. And then I feel it with my tongue. His slick little asshole quivers at my touch. And Kevin is moaning now.

"Fuck, Marky! What are you doing to me? This is so fucking hot, man!"

I know Kevin likes it slow and easy. To prolong the sensation. So I gently lick his asshole. My tongue glides lightly over it. Again and again. Kev's moaning louder now, and his hips are thrusting. I discover that if I hold my tongue firmly right against his hole, when he thrusts toward me my tongue goes a little way up his asshole. As he continues his thrusts, his asshole starts to loosen up a little. And I love that. I'm loosening him up so he can take my hard dick up his ass a little later tonight.

"Whoa man!" Kevin moans. "This is turning out to be a lot hotter than I thought it would be. I've gotta slow down for a minute, or I'll be blowing my load a lot sooner than I want to. You wouldn't believe how horned up I am, Marky! Let's cool it for a couple of minutes."

I give Kev a thumbs up, and bury my face in his ass. My tongue finds his asshole. And then I lie motionless. And Kevin is totally still too. I know that this is the way he likes having sex. Work it up almost to a climax, find the most intimate position possible, and then freeze. Come back from the brink, and then in a few minutes, begin again.

After several minutes, I feel Kev's hip thrusts start again. His asshole is even more relaxed now, and I feel like I'm getting my tongue a little deeper with each thrust of his hips now. We continue our wild tongue fucking for a while longer, and then it's all getting too hot again. We're both gonna blow if we don't ease off. I raise my head from Kev's ass, "Hey you horny bastard, let's rest for a minute. I think we both need cold showers, man! You are one sexy fucker, Kev!"

I gently lower myself onto Kevin's body. I give him a long open-mouth kiss, so that he can taste some of the juices from his ass - my saliva mixed with his ass sweat. I know that turns him on, because he puts his hands on the back of my head and starts moaning again.

Feeling Kevin's body beneath mine creates an incredible feeling of intimacy. I still haven't quite absorbed the reality that this is actually my half-brother lying beneath me. That this is the gorgeous guy I lusted after for so many years. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that one day the two of us would actually be lying together as lovers. I'm overwhelmed by it all.

Finally I stir and say, "We are creating such an intimate relationship between us, Kev. We feel so connected emotionally and mentally. Let's complete that now with a physical connection, buddy. I would love for my cock to connect the two of us now - physically, so that we can be one."

"Those are beautiful words, Marky," Kevin replys. Then he winks at me and says, "You won't laugh at me will you, Marky, if I say `Please be gentle. It's my first time.'"

I smile back at him and say, "That's what's so good about this, Kev. You'll be fucking yourself, so you can be just as slow and gentle as you want to be."

"Whoa, man. I`ll be fucking myself?" Kevin sounds alarmed. "You're not talking dildos are you, buddy. Those things don't do anything for me."

"No dildos, man."

Kevin looks at me for a long moment, and then flashes me his ear to ear grin. "Okay, Marky. I got it. Check me out on this. I'll lie on the bed on my left side. And you lie right behind me on your left side too. Then it's up to you to provide me with your motionless hard dick. And the rest is up to me. You'll keep your body still, with no hip thrusts. All the hip thrusts will come from me. I'll be fucking myself with your dick! I think it's a great way for our first time, Marky, cause I'll be in control all the way - and totally relaxed."

"You got it, Kev. But don't think that I'll just be an inactive observer. My right hand will be working you over real good in all sorts of stimulating ways, while you're fucking yourself. And my body will be pressed up hard against you all the way. But you'll be totally in control of my dick. Tiger will be your sex slave - there to do your bidding."

"I love sex slaves, Marky. Let's do it!" Kevin is already on his left side and waiting. I love his eagerness!

"I've been saving this hardon for your ass for a long time, Kev. Between all my precum and a good drenching with KY, it's as slick as it's ever gonna get. You can feel it pressing against your asshole now, Kev. It's all yours, buddy."

Kevin reaches behind himself with his right hand, grabs hold of the base of my dick, and adjusts my dickhead so it's right where he wants it on his asshole. I figure he's pretty loose from the rimming, and I'm right. He moves his hips back into me, and my dick slides slowly up his ass. I figure that's gotta be at least a little painful. But if it is, he takes it like a trooper and never says a word.

"Okay, Marky. I've got part of your cock in me. I'm thrusting back on you again, and I feel you going a little farther in. Whoa! You're really hung thick, aren't you babe. Anyway, I'm just taking it slow and easy. And I can't think of a better way than this for Tiger and me to get acquainted."

I move my right hand down to Kevin's crotch and gently cup his balls. My fingers are on the underside of them . . . holding them and stroking them and massaging them tenderly. Then I let my hand travel back to his ass, and I feel my own cock as it's working its way up into him. Then I move to Kevin's dick, and start running my finger back and forth along the underside of his dickhead. I know Kevin is super-sensitive there, and he starts moaning almost immediately. I want to distract him for a minute from the thick cock that's making its way up his ass.

Kevin's hip strokes are slow and shallow, as he tries to adjust to my thickness. I have to keep reminding myself to hold my hips steady. My reflex action is to thrust into him.

"Okay, Marky, I think I have gotten over the initial shock of having that monster Tiger of yours up my ass. Every time I thrust back I take a little more of you, and it's starting to excite me, man. I've been dreaming about this moment for the past six months, Marky. The idea of taking my half brother's rod up my ass really gets me off. I look down at my own cock, and I realize there's one exactly like that up my ass right now! And it's fucking hot, man!"

Kevin's really getting into it now. He thrusts back on me again, and now I'm in him all the way. His ass cheeks are pressed hard against my groin. I'm still playing with Kevin's dick, and it's still rock hard. A lot of dudes loose their erection while taking a cock up the ass, and Kevin`s boner tells me he`s really turned on. Then I run a finger across his dick head and it's dripping with precum. Long strings of it are hanging from his cock. I've never seen so much precum! And I like that too. It`s another indication that he`s into this just as much as I am.

"I'm thrusting slowly forward now, Marky, and I'm feeling your cock ease out of me. Whoa, man. There was a lot of you up there! Now I'm reversing my thrust, and you're sliding right back in. God it feels hot when you're all the way in me, Marky! You wouldn't believe the way you fill me up. man!"

"I'm just going to rest for a couple of minutes, Marky, while I get used to you. While Kevin rests, I put my hands on his shoulders and massage them. He's always loved that. "I don't want your cock gliding gently in and out of me tonight, Marky. I want it pounding me like a fucking jackhammer. I want you to flip me over on my back, throw my legs up over your shoulders, and ram it up my ass hard - all the way to the hilt - in one thrust. And then I want you to fuck me fast and hard. I want to feel your balls banging hard against my ass. I want to feel your thick rod impaling me."

"I want to be assaulted from the rear the way they do it in prisons. I want a raunchy, randy, in-your-face kind of fuck. I want a French Foreign Legion fuck your buddy kind of fuck. I want a stranded on an island with a horny sailor kind of fuck."

"I want you to be a hairy, sweaty construction worker, who plows my ass every day after work in the back of his van. And I want you to be a muscular jock who takes me behind the gym and makes me bend over and take his monster dick up my ass."

"And when you're ready to blow your load, Marky, I want you to pull out of my ass at the last moment. I want you to hold your throbbing dick about a foot from my mouth. I'll open up for you, and we can both watch as your hot cum shoots out of your fucking cock and into my mouth."

"Wow, Kevin! I'm panting hard just listening to you, man! You never cease to amaze me, buddy. And yeah, I think I can do all those things to you." I grin at him now, "I know I sure want to give it a try, Kev!"

Well, I tried. And I did it! I did every one of those things to Kevin. And he loved it. And I thought it was pretty neat myself.

And yeah, Kevin got his rocks off too. As I was shooting into his mouth, I reached down and jerked his dick a couple of times. And he went off like a roman candle. So a good time was had by all.

"Oh yeah. There was one little problem. It looks like I'm going to need a lot more practice shooting into Kevin's mouth from a foot away. Most of my shots were right on target. But one blast hit Kevin on his chin, and another hit him on his upper lip. So I had to do a little improvising. I leaned down and licked up all the cum that had missed the mark. And I held it in my mouth while I gave Kev a big open mouth kiss. And his tongue snaked into my mouth and lapped up all the jizz that had missed its target. See - where there's a will, there's a way.

Kevin is still breathing hard, "I hope I didn't spook you with that outburst, Marky. I guess that was six months of frustrated sexual desire, all bubbling over in just one night."

"Hey, not a problem, buddy," I reply. "Whatever turns you on - I'll always be here for you!"

I collapse on top of Kevin now. We're both exhausted. It's been a wild ride. When I notice some of my cum still on his chin, I lick it off tenderly - my tongue gently caressing his face.

We're in the afterglow now. Lying side by side facing each other, our mouths not over a few inches apart. After our intense sexual experience, we're both feeling cuddly and sentimental. Kevin strokes my hair and runs his lips lightly over mine.

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