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OutUK Modelling We are after good-looking guys aged 18 to 24 years to model for OutUK. We'll consider applicants up to age 30 if they're youthful looking. We want guys who are sincerely excited about doing adult pictures, and first-timers are particularly welcome.

We offer the chance to make a fantasy come true, and have a fun time in a safe and professional environment. Experience is not required, but a friendly attitude is. You must be over 18 and have ID to prove it.
If you want to have a go just complete the Application Form below giving us as many details as you can, and send us some recent photos. They must show your face clearly and as much of your body as possible preferably naked.

What sort of models are you looking for?

  • 18 to 24 years-old with an attractive, young look. You should be at least as good looking as the guys that have featured in our galleries.
  • You must be in shape and be cute or have a laddish sporty look. A perfect body isn't required, but love handles are a no-no. Six-pack abs are always welcome.
  • Friendly, easy-going, and with a sense of adventure. Personality is just as important as looks in getting the best pictures for the site.

OutUK Modelling
We film both solo and duo sessions with our models and the choice of which you do is entirely yours. If you haven't modelled before it's often a good idea to start with a trial session as described below. If we find you photograph well, you'll be invited back again.
OutUK Modelling

Where will the pictures be used?

They'll be used on OutUK and possibly the members sections of some other affiliated internet sites.

Where will the shoot take place?

We will either find a location in your area and do the shoot there, or pay expenses to come to London, Brighton or Manchester.

Do you allow people to watch?

Generally speaking, we don't allow extra people at the shoot. Friends and visitors have a tendency to get in the way, and to make models feel uneasy. It may get very boring at times if you're not working, and it's important to remember that the photo shoot is not a party. This is a job that you're being hired for, and you should take it seriously. We'll have a lot of time and money invested in the shoot, and your full cooperation is essential for its success.

What ID do I need to bring with me?

You must bring at least two forms of identity on the day of the shoot, and you have to be eighteen or older before applying.
Acceptable IDs are:
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence showing your current address
  • Bank Statement with your name & current address
  • Credit/Debit card with your name on and its last statement showing your current address
  • College or Work ID card
    with a current address and/or photograph
OutUK Modelling
Before each shoot you will have to complete a Model Release Form which confirms all the details of the session. If you are having trial pictures taken we'll still use this form and pay you any train fares you have had. Eitherway we'll keep the forms once completed and take copies of the IDs you provide for our records. If you are a little unsure about what ID to bring we're more than happy to answer any of your questions.

OutUK Modelling

Do I use my real name for the pictures?

You have to use your real name on the Model Release and to prove your ID, but you can then use any stage name or modelling name you like. We are very protective of our models' privacy, and do not disclose your confidential information on the site. Not only can you choose the name we use for you, but you can also help us write the short biog that accompanies your pictures.

What happens at the shoot?

We'll have digital cameras and lights in use, and they'll be one photographer and possibly a co-ordinator. The photo shoots tend to last around 3 hours, but it's a fun 3 hours.

We'll come up with a theme for your photo shoot. You will be given clear direction for each picture. We actively encourage you to have fun and participate, even suggest poses or ideas that might go well with our theme. Most important of all we believe that the finished photographs should be a good reflection of you and your personality.

OutUK Modelling

What do I wear to the shoot?

OutUK Modelling Try and wear some light coloured clothes that show off your body well and reflect your personality. A change of clothes is useful, with extra tops, shorts or trousers if you've got them, and bring some different looking underwear.

If you have other clothes like football kit that's always welcome, as are speedos or other sports gear. Feel free to bring any props or toys you have with you, as well as things like toiletries, lubricants and other personal items if you think you would like to use them.

What's involved in a trial session?

Quite a number of less experienced models like to do a trial photoshoot first. Effectively it's a shorter unpaid solo photo session, with just you and the photographer taking things at a much slower pace, to give you time to get used to modelling. You must bring your ID as you would for any regular session and sign the model release form. We provide the location and take the pictures, and we pay your train fares if you have travelled some way to the shoot.

OutUK Modelling
We'll use the pictures on OutUK and send you a copy of the best of the pictures for you to use to get other work. You can't publish more than a couple of them on any other website or sell them, but you can use them to show people what you look like, and put some of them on personal profiles and that sort of thing. If all goes well, you enjoy the day and perform easily and both sides end up with pictures we like, we'll set up some other dates with you which would be fully paid sessions, either solo or duo as you wish.

What if I'm not sure about adult modelling?

OutUK Modelling We want you to have fun during the shoot and enjoy it, so if you're not sure you'll be happy to model, then don't do it. If you're worried about being shy, we'll do our best to put you at your ease. We're not just looking for professional models, but also guys who look like a mate or someone at work. We film a lot of first time models, so we are used to dealing with a few nerves, and we find most guys settle into it very quickly indeed. Whether we film a solo or duo set of pictures is up to you, so we won't expect you to be photographed with someone else if you don't want to be.
Don't put yourself forward for modelling if you have any doubts. It is important that you look your best, and feeling relaxed is a major part of this. It's fun to model, we want to make sure you really enjoy the session.

How much will I get paid?

You can choose for us to either pay you a fee, in which case we retain the sole copyright of the photos, or pay you your expenses only and give you some of the pictures to use on sites of your own. It's entirely up to you which option we go for.
OutUK Modelling
If you have never worked for us before, and have no professional pictures to show us you might be invited to a trial photo session first.

Any payment due is made in cash directly after the session ends. The only exception to this is if full and proper ID is not provided by you at the time of the shoot. We will retain the fee and pay it to you once the ID is received by us.

£100 - solo session of 200 to 240 published photos.
£120 per model - solo/duo session 200 to 240 photos each.

What's the next step?

We will want to know what you look like, so we'll need to see a close-up photo of your face and one or two full length frontal photos of your body.

If you have pictures on your computer that you wish to send us, use the Picture Sender below. It's easy to use, and is the quickest way of getting pictures to us.
OutUK Modelling
You should also complete the Application Form below giving us as many details as you can. If you have pictures of yourself on a website please enter the URL at the bottom of the form. Then tell us a little about yourself in the Message/Description section including details of any special talents or previous experience you may have. We'll confirm receipt of your application immediately, and then give you a full response normally within a day or two.
OutUK Modelling Alternatively you can E-mail your pictures to us at:
models email address
and include details about yourself and a brief description of your stats, age, hair colour, eye colour, weight, height and date of birth. Don't forget to include your phone number or some way to get in touch with you. Most important, tell us where you are located. The form below will give you some idea of the kind of infomation we'd like to know.

Application Form

If you would like to model for OutUK please enter your details below. We can't guarantee that you'll get the gig, but then again you may just become our next star.
"I would like to be considered for Modelling on OutUK. I confirm that all the information I give below, in particular my age and date of birth, is true. I am able to provide full and proper Identification as set out on the OutUK Modelling website page, and understand that no payment or expenses for modelling will be due to me without the production of such documentation."
Please check here to agree to the above statement:  
Full Name:
Modelling Name:
(if you use one)
Date of Birth:
E-mail Address:
Current Age:
Waist Size:
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
Hair Style:
Facial Hair:
Eye Colour:
Cock Size:
Body Hair:
Birth Marks:
(if significant)
Medical Conditions:
(if significant)
Sexual Interests:
(select all you like)
Anal (Top - Giving)
Anal (Bottom - Receiving)
Being Naked
Being Caressed
Being Wanked
BDSM Light (Receiving)
BDSM Full (Receiving)
Cum In Mouth (Receiving)
Deep Throating
Facials (Receiving)
French Kissing
Massage (Giving)
Massage (Receiving)
Oral (Giving)
Oral (Receiving)
Rimming (Giving)
Rimming (Receiving)
Spanking (Giving)
Spanking (Receiving)
Swallow (Receiving)
Tickling (Giving)
Tickling (Receiving)
Toys and Dildos
Watersports (Giving)
Watersports (Receiving)
Guy's I Like:
(select all you like)
Younger Guys Over 18
Guys My Age
Guys Slightly Older
More Mature Guys
Web Address of Pictures Online:
Why Do You Want To Model:
(include details of any
previous experience)
Other Comments Or Information:
(any other stuff you'd
like to tell us about)

If you do have pictures of yourself but they are not found on the web, you are welcome to use the Picture Sender below to send them to us directly from here. The pictures must be less than 100kB in size. Alternatively, email them now to:
models email address

Picture Sender

Please enter your name below and then press the "Browse" button to select a picture from your computer. Click on "Send Picture to OutUK" when you are ready to send it to us. The maximum size for any picture, which must be a jpg/gif file, is 100kB. You may send as many pictures as you like.

Only press the "Send Picture to OutUK" button once per picture, it may take some time to send pictures which are quite large.

Your Name:
Your Email:
Choose Picture:


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