OutUK was formed in 1999 and launched in July 2000 to provide the UK gay community with an alternative to existing gay information and entertainment websites, many of which are anglicised versions of sites from other countries. With a passion to encourage quality writing, our aim is to provide stimulating coverage of the issues that affect gay men in the UK and Europe, together with entertainment and advice from a uniquely gay perspective.


OutUK was the first of a series of websites origionally produced by Out Europe Ltd a consultancy company who specialised in the management of new media properties. The company was purchased in August 2004 by European new media company Out Europe BV based in the Netherlands. The website is now fully owned and operated from within The Netherlands, ahead of further expansion into Europe.

Out Europe also provides consultancy and project management services for companies and individuals wishing to develop their presence on the internet or create new web properties. We have developed great expertise in producing websites for arts organisations and venues, as well as individual sites for performers and musicians. Details of our client portfolio are available on request. Email editor@outuk.com.


We believe that the market for websites aimed at the gay community in the UK and Europe is due for substantial growth over the next ten years. In order to take advantage of that opportunity we are happy to consider developing relationships with third parties who wish to expand their investments in the sector. Please contact sales@outeurope.com.


We welcome your views and comments on any aspect of this website. Our mailing and e-mail addresses are published below. We welcome contributions from freelance writers and photographers, who should in the first instance e-mail an outline of their idea. We regret however, that we cannot return any unsolicited material or contributions.


We have no current full-time vacancies at the moment but we are happy to put your cv on file so we may consider you for future openings.

OutUK has an ongoing marketing campaign in the both the gay and internet press. In 2001 we were one of the main event sponsors of London 2001 - The World Gay and Lesbian Football Championships, held in Chiswick, West London.
For the two years that followed we were main sponsors of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival organised by the British Film Institute and held at the National Film Theatre on London's South Bank. For both festivals and their UK wide tours OutUK produced the official LLGFF website on behalf of the BFI.

In 2004 OutUK was the main sponsor of The Bingham Cup an international rugby tournament in honour of Mark Bingham who tried unsuccesfully to defeat terrorists on board one of highjacked planes that crashed on September 11th 2001.

We continue to feature news and information of interest to gay men and this year celebrate our 25th anniversary online.


OutUK would like to hear your views on this site. Please let us know what you think of our News, Chat, Contacts, Galleries, Advice, Travel, Info and Listings. We will respond just as soon as we can to your questions or queries.


Send your comments and questions to:

Out Europe BV
Raasdorperweg 96a - Unit A2
1175 KX
The Netherlands

E-mail: editor@outuk.com.


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