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Welcome to OutReach - the OutUK guide to Help and Resources for Gay Men in the UK. Feel free to visit any of the links, or use the search to find something specific.
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OutReach is OutUK's guide to Help and Resources for Gay Men in the UK. We list 30 individuals or organisations in 18 different sections covering all aspects of gay life.
Our new links are listed together with our top recommendations.


ABC of sexual health  National Library of Medicine have compiled an informative guide to being Gay. Some people encounter problems when they become aware of their homosexual orientation and try to match it to their view of an ideal self. This article highlights many of the issues encountered.   new 
About gay male sexuality  Better Health provide a guide to Gay Male sexuality. Many men report that they had experiences with people of the same sex when they were young. This is often a normal part of exploring their sexuality. Men who go on to describe themselves as 'same-sex attracted' or 'gay' have a strong physical and emotional attraction to men that they don’t usually feel for women.   new 
How to survive a darkroom  How to survive a darkroom. Gay Men Fighting Aids provide some exceptional features on sex and sexuality.   new 
What is sexual orientation?  Planned Parenthood provide a guide to sexual orientation. It's about who you’re attracted to and want to have relationships with. Sexual orientation is different from gender and gender identity and includes gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, and asexual.   new 
ShopGay  Massive choice of hardcore DVDs sent post free. Choose from all major labels including Bel Ami, Eurocreme, Falcon and loads of Special offer DVDs. Plus a great selection of condoms, lube, toys and other gay essentials.   recommended
This boy is a bottom  This boy is a bottom. Gay Men Fighting Aids provide some exceptional features on sex and sexuality.   recommended
Timeline of LGBT history in the United Kingdom  Wikipedia charts the history of Gay Rights from Celtic Britain in 600BC to the present day. Most recently they include the Gay Liberation Front, Gay Marriage, The Terrance Higgins Trust, Section 28, Civil Partnerships, Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act, the Alan Turing law and Northern Ireland gaining marriage equality.   recommended
3 Ways to Accept That You Are Gay  If you feel very attracted to members of the same sex, or both sexes, but need to feel like you have accepted it within yourself, here is a guide to help you compiled by wikiHow.  
Barefoot Man  Barefoot Man used to be known as Worldwide Roar and The Warwick Rowers and are probably best known around the world for their naked calendars. They are also a real sports team and have produced Olympic and world class competitive rowers. Their calendars help to fund their sport, and enable them to do an outreach programme to young people called Sport Allies that fights Homophobia in Sport.  
Bisexual Underground  Supportive social gathering for bisexuals living in London.  

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