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An in-depth look at one of South America's most historic beautiful destinations - Peru.
Every week features a different gay man's holiday destination and gives essential information about the most exciting, most exotic and most erotic places to visit around the world.
OutUK :: Guides to the Gay Scene in the UK's major cities
Enjoy a gay weekend in Belfast an up and coming more relaxed UK city.
Birmingham is the proud capital of the West Midlands and England's second city.
Blackpool is a mecca of gay Northern camp and so we sample its dubious pleasures.
Bournemouth is the south coast resort with a crowd of students and lively gay scene.
A proud look at Brighton, the Gay Capital of the South and maybe of the whole country.
The capital of the South West has some of the best gay clubs and bars.
A large student population means Cambridge has a lively and growing gay nightlife.
Cardiff is known as Europe's youngest capital city and we find a gay scene to match.
Center Parcs
Health spa, gym, swimming pools, sports and your own private villa in the forest.
Dundee & Aberdeen
Dundee and Aberdeen offer a welcome alternative to other well known Scottish cities.
It's Scotland's beautiful capital and there's so much gay life to enjoy in the city.
Glasgow is the gay friendly European city of culture with a growing bar and club scene.
England's eighth largest city Hull comes out with a gay scene well worth visiting.
Gay life in West Yorkshire starts with a night out amid the grimy grandeur of Leeds.
We sample Leicester nightlife and find out there's more than Britain's oldest gay pub.
Home of The Beatles and The Liver Birds, it's the Mersey city with a large gay scene.
There's nothing like London's essential clubs and bars in the centre of the UK's capital.
TV's Queer as Folk was born in Manchester, and one visit will explain to you just why.
Just in Tyne, Gay Life in the North East's own powerhouse is fully explored in Newcastle.
It's not just Partridge, turkey and broads in Norwich known as the capital of East Anglia.
Tied up in Notts in the city made famous by Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.
The Orkney and Shetlands combine liberal attitudes with fascinating Scottish tradition.
Oxford is still like something akin to the Brideshead city of dreaming spires and romance.
We head out West and pitch up at the Devon boy heaven Navy town that's Plymouth.
Portsmouth gave Nelson his Victory and offered sailors a warm passage ever since.
Scottish Highlands
The Scottish Highlands and a beautiful traditional hotel that welcomes gay couples.
With its fast growing LGBT Quarter the Sheffield gay scene is alive and kicking.
The Orkney and Shetlands combine liberal attitudes with Scottish tradition.
The house where Shelley wrote great poetry is now a luxury gay-run guest house.
Head to the South Coast and Southampton - will you be no holds barred or all at sea?
Stratford-upon-Avon near to the Cotswolds is an attractive town for many theatre lovers.
We visit Swansea and the beautiful and varied Pembrokeshire peninsula.
At the centre of what's often known as The English Riviera, Torquay is quite the gay town.
OutEurope :: Gay Travel from Scandanavia to the Mediterranean
Amsterdam is a tolerant city, that's liberated, inspiring and essential for every gay man.
Diamonds are forever as is the gay club scene in the Belgian gem of Antwerp.
The capital of Catalonia and Spain's gay mecca, Barcelona is a stylish lively destination.
For a full-on scene you can't beat those German Boys in their capital city of Berlin.
Bern & Lucerne
The Swiss capital Bern and nearby Lucerne offer great scenery and a gay nightlife.
Spanish port Bilbao is home to the Guggenheim Museum and enjoys a lively gay scene.
It's Brussels with cute young Eurobods in bijou cafes and bars all around the Old Town.
Hungary's capital, not only has great history but a fast developing gay scene too.
Cologne is fast developing as Germany's diverse gay capital with a scene for all our tastes.
Denmark's Copenhagen is one of the world's most proud gay friendly capital cities.
The Greek island of Crete mixes stunning scenery with a laidback relaxed attitude.
Cyprus is the island in the Mediterranean where Europe Africa and Asia cultures meet.
Den Haag
Twin-centred Den Haag offers a courtly historic heart and a delightful seaside resort.
With a great gay scene and your rights protected Dublin is a fabulous gay getaway.
Eindhoven the fifth-largest city in The Netherlands has a thriving cultural & gay scene.
Frankfurt in Germany is a dynamic, creative city with a lively and full on gay nightlife.
The French-speaking city of Geneva in Switzerland is a great gay holiday destination.
Gothenburg is a compact gem of culture and cool and some very sexy Swedish boys.
The exciting Spanish city of Granada is a uni-town with a great gay lifestyle & nightlife.
Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria is still the most popular destination for gay boy holidays all year round.
Cutting edge culture and a thriving gay scene in the Austrian gem city of Graz.
Hamburg's infamous nightlife has something to satisfy all interests of the gay traveller.
Time to head north and check out all the gay life on offer in Finland's capital of Helsinki.
This popular party island is a gay heaven and we've uncovered quite a lot of it.
Innsbruck is a beautiful and charming city in winter and summer with a fun gay scene.
We explore the largest of the Channel Islands and find an idyllic lair of love and lust.
Lille is France's fourth largest city and it's the perfect Gallic gay spring break destination.
If you've viewed Vienna or seen Salzburg then check out another Austrian gem - Linz.
Lisbon is a great European capital and Portugal knows just how to have gay fun.
Gay life on the island of Malta is a colourful Mediterranean mix that's worth a visit.
France's oldest and second largest city is a sultry mix of Europe and North Africa.
Germany's third largest city has a vast gay scene and is steeped in culture and history.
Naples & Capri
Adrian Gillan goes up Pompeii and visits the bay of Naples and the very gay Isle of Capri.
Nice is one of France's most stylish resorts and a great gay holiday destination.
Oslo is one of Europe's most liberal cities in Europe and a great gay holiday destination.
Palermo in Sicily offers a stunning mix of tradition and a lively gay scene.
It's the most romantic city in Europe and here's our guide to bars and clubs in Gay Paris.
The most beautiful boys in Europe are all to be found here - so Czech this out.
Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and offers stunning scenery and great nightlife.
We head for the Baltic and check out gay life in beautiful Riga - the capital of Latvia.
Rotterdam is well established as The Netherlands's other great gay nightlife city.
Austria's World Heritage city of Salzburg has a lively gay scene amid all the sights.
Oranges are not the only hot and low hanging fruit in the sultry Spanish city of Seville.
We explore Taormina on the stunning coast of Sicily which is Italy's island idyll.
Stockholm in Sweden is one city where mainstream and gay life blend so completely.
Utrecht is a lively throbbing university city with an excellent gay scene.
Valencia has always been one of Spain's most liberal cities and has a great gay scene.
Immortalised in Romeo and Juliet, the city of Verona is now more bars than bards.
The Versilia Riviera on the coast of Tuscany is Italy's answer to Mykonos or Sitges.
Vienna provides a delightful weekend break in a city with a thriving & lively gay scene.
The snowy glories of Villars and Les Diablerets, east of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
Spend a weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania’s picturesque and culturally swish capital.
There's more to Zurich than cheese and chocolate in Switizerland's gay capital.
OutAmericas :: Gay holidays in Canada, USA and South America
Alberta & The Rockies
Enjoy both the soaring peaks of the Canadian Rockies and the big city buzz of Edmonton
From the Civil War to Martin Luther King, we explore the USA buzzing city of Atlanta.
Buenos Aires
Home of the tango and a gay culture Buenos Aires is a mix of both Latin and European.
The Netherlands Antilles and Curaçao are a gay-friendly oasis in the Caribbean.
Dallas & Fort Worth
Dallas and Fort Worth both have a fabulous gay scene with loads to see and do.
Detroit is the gay friendly American Comeback City you’ll wanna come back to!
Fort Lauderdale
The best looking guys and the most fun is just North of Miami in Fort Lauderdale.
From downtown high-rises to laid-back districts Houston in Texas is a city that has it all.
Key West
We celebrate the pride of America's most southerly point in beautiful Key West.
Laguna Beach
A favourite gay beach resort midway between Los Angeles and San Diego.
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe offers some of America's finest skiing and great summer activities too.
Art Deco splendour, non-stop partying and some great food in our guide to South Beach
Minneapolis & Pride
You'll love the people, the culture, the endless buzz and all the Pride of Minneapolis.
New York
New York boasts incredible sights as well as an iconic gay club and bar scene.
Experiencing the delights of Orlando remains a popular gay guy's holiday destination.
Ottawa is Canada's political and cultural hub and it has a fabulous thriving gay scene.
Palm Springs
Palm Springs is the USA's Californian gay oasis in the heart of the Mojave Desert.
An in-depth look at one of South America's most historic beautiful destinations - Peru.
We check out the liberal US city of Philadelphia which is home to the Liberty Bell.
Hotter than the Sahara, Phoenix is a really great American gay destination.
America's premier gay resort in Massachusetts has over 60 gay-owned B&Bs, inns & bars.
Montreal & Quebec
Visit French Canada's gay playground and Quebec City it's quieter gayish neighbour.
Salt Spring Island
Off the coast of Vancouver there's a Canadian relaxed gay and artists' mecca.
San Francisco
Check out the sights of one of the most beautiful and still the gayest city in the world.
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is a blissful Californian combination of beaches and rugged scenery.
Sao Paolo
Sao Paolo is one of the world's largest cosmpolitan cities with a great gay scene.
South America
This week it's Brazil, Chile, Peru and more very exotic South American destinations.
OutAfrica :: Countries which welcome Gay tourists
We enjoy the cultural buzz and gay scene of the vibrant city of Johannesburg.
Morocco is an exotic mix of ancient history and hormones in the Northern part of Africa.
South Africa
There's an emerging and vibrant gay scene in Cape Town and in South Africa.
OutAsia :: The most popular Asian Gay desinations
Bali is the Asian island known for stunning views, its yoga and meditation retreats.
Bangkok has been called the coolest city on earth and the official gay capital of Asia.
We explore the underground gay scene in Beijing - the capital of communist China.
Koh Samet
The weekend island getaway for gay Bangkokers and their foreign admirers - Koh Samet.
Gay love is no longer a crime in India so its capital Mumbai is now increasingly popular.
Thailand's beach resort Pattaya has an outrageous long established gay scene.
A recent desire for change and more affluence make Saigon a great destination.
OutPacific :: Destinations to Australia and beyond
Melbourne is the other gay destination in Australia and is the capital of South Australia.
New Zealand
Auckland and Wellington are great year-round destinations with a brilliant gay scene.
Home to the Great Barrier Reef and a spectacular gay resort - Queensland Australia.
Sydney has one of the most diverse and fabulous LGBTQ+ communities in the world.

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