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Usually the phrase “go towards the light” is reserved for conversations about near-death experiences. But, if you stay in this icy cold winter weather much longer, this could become a “near-death” conversation. It has been said that Palm Springs in California is where God spends the winter. Once you visit, trust me, you'll want to join him writes OutUK Correspondent Jill Pentrack.
Palm Springs is one of the USA's premier gay holiday destinations. Around an hour's flying time from Los Angeles, it's in fact a sprawling collection of a number of attractive small cities in the middle of the desert. Gay tourists tend to stay in small independently owned resorts which all feature small villas or rooms surrounding pools, jacuzzis and gardens.
Downtown Palm Springs features a blend of Spanish-Mediterranean architecture and food. Courtesy of Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism.
Some resorts boast of their high sexual temperature where a single gay man will find plenty to occupy his time, whilst others offer a more sophisticated ambience more suitable for couples. Whilst every resort has a pool, most serve continental breakfast, and some host a complimentary evening cocktail hour so guests can get to know each other.

While Palm Springs maintains a small community charm, it plays host to many world class restaurants and exciting gay clubs. The choices are endless ranging from small, intimate venues to the larger, more prominent establishments found in many larger cities throughout the world.

As a gay traveller, you will be comfortable enjoying an intimate evening with your lover (or the cutie you met at Hunters), without feeling uncomfortable. Palm Springs is warm and accepting and boasts a gay population approaching 40%. Even though the resorts, restaurants and clubs are attractions of their own, there are plenty of things to occupy you besides the gorgeous sun (and men). There are numerous hiking and biking trails, a tram that travels 8,000 feet straight up from the desert floor, and casinos everywhere. The Spa Casino is situated smack in the middle of downtown. If you’re willing to drive a bit, check out Agua Caliente Casino on Ramon Road, and further out (about 20 minutes) are Fantasy Springs and Spotlight 29.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway goes from 2000 to 8500 feet up Mt. San Jacinto with awe inspiring views, hiking and dining on top. Courtesy of Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism.


If you have an appetite for pleasure and want to indulge yourself, there are a number of outstanding resorts awaiting you.

The Triangle Inn located just a few blocks from downtown is always an excellent choice. Owners Michael and Stephen are former Atlanta boys, and have perfected Southern charm. You’ll want to pack them up and bring ‘em home. These fellows offer, in addition to their nine spacious yet cozy suites, a lovely 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, fully outfitted and ready for you and your friends to enjoy. Weekly, monthly and seasonal rental are available. You’ll love these boys, and everything they have to offer. Clothing always optional.

Tortuga del Sol is a new resort just up the block from Triangle Inn. Ric and Rob are your hosts and I noticed that they have a thing for turtles. Something Freudian there, I think. Contribute to their collection and I bet you get some extra special attention. Ask to see the “Penis Turtle,” it’s one of a kind. Romantic, tranquil and as frisky as you want it to be, it’s a great place to come out of your shell. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Clothing optional.
Facilities at the Tortuga del Sol are typical of gay resorts in Palm Springs.
Chestnutz is all about service. Whether you prefer your breakfast in bed, by the pool, or naked on your patio, it is prepared and served just as you like it. Paul and Jim are amazing hosts and you’ll love the coconut shrimp and cocktails at 5pm. Have Paul make you a Lemon Drop with the fresh lemons from his tree. Pucker up Honey! Every day brings a new and delicious experience at Chestnutz. Rooms are done in a variety of themes and the amenities are impressive. Clothing discouraged.

If you have a few friends (or 200) you’d like to organize for a group event Caliente Tropics is the place. Charlie and Casey are former San Francisco hoteliers and they know what it takes to make you happy. For group events there is no better place in the Desert. Non-smoking! Keep your shorts on pal.

In the Warm Sands area, we recommend:

Desert Paradise. Dale, your host, is all about making your stay the best it can be. Impeccable grounds, killer views, and a gorgeous pool. If you’re looking for Liberace’s candelabra, you’ll find it here! Perfectly situated in the heart of Warm Sands. Clothing optional.

Inndulge lives up to its name and all that it implies. A popular Warm Sands resort for many years, Inndulge is one of the best and best known in the area and has been the location for quite a few porn films. Hosted by John and Jean-Guy, your stay will be anything but mundane. Clothing optional.

Warm Sands Villas. Very recently (and expertly) refurbished by folks who understand comfort, the rooms are equipped with everything you need for a perfect stay. Visit the observation deck for a birds-eye view of the boys in the pool and surrounding mountains. Ask about the Shirley Temple Bungalow (sounds kinky). Read your book by the pool in peace or read your book while getting a piece, it’s all up to you. Clothing optional.

But wait, there’s more!!! Located on the northern end of Palm Springs (and still very close to downtown), are some fine resorts that you’ll also want to consider.

Las Palmas Hotel features a very cool Jacuzzi, one of the most unique I’ve seen, nestled in a private section of the resort with an open and airy (yet romantic) feel. It is great for a cozy interlude with your partner or some group male bonding which is always soothing to the soul. Rooms are nicely done. Clothing optional.

East Canyon Hotel and Spa. The way Webster’s should define luxury. This is one of the very best resorts in Palm Springs offering a full-service spa on premises and amenities too numerous to list here. Body wraps, facials, massage and treatments I can’t begin to pronounce are available on site. The rooms are expertly decorated and coupled with an impeccable level of service, it is a hard place to beat. Definitely not for boys on a budget. Ask Daddy to take you there, and wear your shorts to breakfast.

Camp Palm Springs. Okay class, now spell nasty. This is where to go when you want to experience hedonism at its best. By its own declaration, it is one of “the hottest of the gay resorts in the Desert.” Comfortable, not fancy. If you don’t have a great time here, it is because you’re determined not to. In case you haven’t guessed, it has a military flare. Drop those drawers Private!

Indianola is a unique gay resort -- "Polynesian Pop" retro 50's style Tiki guest house in the bed and breakfast tradition! Your hosts - Michael & Steven - greet you with a special aloha cocktail and lay (oops “lei”) on your arrival. A Saturday evening social hour is always entertaining because you can accessorize with a variety of costumes including grass skirts, tropical sarongs and pith helmets provided in each room for your amusement during your stay at the resort! A very cool stay without blowing the budget. Clothing optional.

The Village Inn offers queen and king bedrooms, kitchen units and one & two bedroom suites. Come relax at the Village Inn, soak in the Jacuzzi, and take in the mountain views. With a mixed clientele, it makes for interesting conversation around the pool.

The CCBC compound is located in Cathedral City and definitely serves the ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) crowd. Never a lack of something salacious and sinful to do here. Visit Danny’s nude beach, the jail, and (coming soon) the dungeon. Known for its nature walk, a whimsical path along the outer edges of the 3.5 acres CCBC occupies, there are plenty of places along the way to stop and admire the wildlife. This petting zoo is definitely not for children. Day passes are available. Open 24 hours. Come prepared, and check your briefs at the door.

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