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Ibiza has been the Spanish island playground for European gay boys since the early 1980s and still continues to be one of the most fashionable places to get a tan. OutUK sent Colm Howard-Lloyd to investigate more about Ibiza and what makes it such a popular gay destination.

Ibiza is a real island of contrasts, on one side you have Ibiza Town a 1600 year old walled city with winding streets and classy bars on the other you have San Antonio, immortalised on Ibiza Uncovered and full of fish and chip shops and faux British pubs serving British beer on draft. San Antonio isnít without its charm but it is pleasing to discover that all of the gay nightlife revolves around Ibiza Town. On this island at least the gay boys are the class act.


Most gay boys (especially those travelling with the gay tour operators) stay in Figueretes a fairly uninspiring suburb of Ibiza Town. It has two main things going for it, a nice sandy beach and just about every gay hotel, apartment block and guesthouse on the island. The place is literally teeming with boys who like boys. It is very difficult to spot anyone straight and pretty much how we imagine heaven to be.
Figueretes is also home to its own small coven of bars. Magnus, Dado and JJ Bar or JJX Bar are all firm OutUK favourites but it is Monroes that keeps us entertained, fed and watered a lot of the time. Monroes is a fantastic, friendly bar - sometimes trashy and always fun. You can also expect decent cabaret and entertainment most nights, the owners Mel and Phil are notorious on the island for their hospitality. Add this to the fact that their drinks are considerably cheaper than many of the other bars (everything you've heard about silly prices on the Island is true; expect to pay £10.00 or more for a vodka and tonic in some places).
Welcome to Monroes!


The nightlife in Ibiza Town itself doesn't really get going until late. Really late by UK standards, in fact I couldn't find a bar that opened before 10:30pm. The scene is also very transitory and certain bars are good at certain times. The basic rule of thumb is that people start at the bars furthest from Anfora (Ibiza's only dedicated gay club - although pretty much everywhere on the island is very, very mixed) and work their way towards the club.
Teatro is one of the further away bars and is another OutUK favourite. No relation to the former Teatro in Soho and under new management this year the bar is friendly and glamorous with cocktails ranging from the classic right through to choice creations such as Sex On The Beach For A Week - yes really!.

From Teatro the Anfora-bound circuit wends its way through to Dome, Angello and La Muralla (closest to Anfora) to name just a few; try out our favourites first and you'll be sure to stumble into a few of your own.

Too many of these at Teatro and you'll never make it to Anfora!

Revised October 2016.


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