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    First Published: Before August 2002
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In a speech before the European Parliament, over a quarter of a century ago in May of 1990, Czech President Vaclav Havel said: "The only idea that inspires our internal and international policies is an idea based on the respect of human rights in general and of the uniqueness of each individual human being..." So it's no coincidence that the Czech people were among the first to suggest a league of nations to form a lasting world peace. Respect for diversity is at the very core of the Czech soul.


Prague become an important trading post in the early part of the last millennium. It was around then the current sections of the centre started to take shape. The centrepiece of the city skyline is Prague Castle. Looking at it during a clear night from the banks of the Vltava river is an experience no one could ever forget.

The stunning Charles Bridge across the Vltava River.
It's foundation was laid as early as the 880's AD but it was not until the 1130's that it became a properly fortified castle. An in-depth tour complete with all the museums and gardens will easily fill a day if not two. The dominant landmark of the castle and truly of the entire city is the breathtaking St. Vitus Cathedral.
The castle is adjacent to the Hradcany (The Czech word for castle is actually Hrad) section of Prague. The most attractive part of Hradcany is the Square, from which a view of the western line of the Terzian palaces of Prague Castle with the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral soaring above them opens up. From the castle, a ten minute walk down a picturesque lane will lead you to Small Town, the location of most foreign embassies and then on to the Charles Bridge, an ancient pedestrian walkway lined with magnificent gothic statues.
St Nicholas' Church.
Among the many historic sights you'll find after crossing the bridge are The Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square - a breathtaking square surrounded by ancient churches and a wonderful Bavarian clocktower with working characters every hour, and New Town, home of the National Museum, Art Gallery and Prague's modern shopping and restaurant district.
The Old Town Square.

Bars and Clubs

There are more than a dozen gay bars and clubs in the city. Friends Bar moved and changed owners several times and is not the large hang-out neighbourhood bar that it used to be. We recommend checking with a local website like Prague.GayGuide.Net for the latest information on the ever-changing bar and club scene before a night out.

The infamous Pinocchio has also changed its name and is under new management. It's now Club Temple. It's still a bar for rentboys and their admirers. In the Czech Republic prostitution and the promotion of prostitution is legal provided the prostitute is at least 18 yrs old. Escape moved from Prokopova to Jame 8 in Prague 1, and is still one of the main strip clubs in Prague, but their prices, service charges and entrance fees are high. Another strip club is Drakes, with an entrance fee of 200 Czech Crowns for a day ticket but locals regard it as a bit of a gay tourist trap.

The largest gay dance club in Prague is Valentino (the former Geyzeer). It is a huge club with a large dance floor and a dark room.

A great venue for first time gay visitors. The Dance club Termix is smaller, but certainly a great place too.

You'll find the leather scene concentrated in Alcatraz Club, Borivojova 58, Prague 3. Regular Prague habitueés will be sorry to learn that Sam's Bar and Tunnel closed down, but Alcatraz Club remains open.

VIP Parking area at Termix.

Saunas and Sex Shops

Now there are five gay saunas in Prague. Sauna Marco is in Prague 2. The crowd tends to be a little older but the staff is young and beautiful and usually willing to find time to give you a private massage. Sauna Babylon in Prague 1 not only have a full sauna, but a bar and fitness area also. The new saunas are Sauna Bonbon and Sauna Labyrinth. Sauna Bavid is one of the oldest saunas in Prague. The sex shop Heaven in Prague 2 is still open. Lambda City Man closed.


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Jean of Prague GayGuide.net who helped compile this guide also recommends the Prague Center Guest Residences. They have four apartments located in central Prague (Districts 1 and 2) and one near the center (district 9). They range in size from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms and are within walking distance of most of Prague's tourist attractions and gay venues. The English speaking hosts are gay and are extremely helpful and they can answer all your questions about Prague and the current gay scene at check-in.

Updated October 2010

More Info

This guide has been compiled with the assistance of Jean of Prague.GayGuide.net which features a whole host of information about the city.



Prague Center Guest Residences Website
Prague GayGuide.Net Website


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